GSTR 1 – Summary in Saral Pro

Hello Everyone. This post will speak to you on the Summary of GSTR 1 in Saral Pro.

First of all, let us understand what is GSTR 1. GSTR1 is a monthly or quarterly return filed by Normal Registered Dealers who need to prepare and upload all the outwards supply details i.e. sales made during a particular month or the quarter.

In Saral Pro, the first view of GSTR 1 is the Summary. The Summary is the overall view of the return data as updated for different categories in the entry window of GSTR 1. 

Let us now begin with it. Navigate to the GST Module and click on GSTR 1. Select the respective financial year with the month for which the return is to be filed, and click on the Summary tab.

GSTR1 summary window will give the summary details of outward transactions for different categories like B2B registered person, B2C large consumer, B2C small consumer, NIL rated/Exempted/Non-GST, Export/Supplies to SEZ, etc.

Note: The above-mentioned categories/sections will be listed in the entry window as per the selection in the option settings.

The summary in GSTR 1 will be visible only if you update the details in the Entry /Import window. 

To know more about Option Settings, read the below link : 

Salarl GST – Option settings and Mail Setup

You can also navigate to the specific category in the entry window by clicking on the   button against the category.

To update the entry details in GSTR1, read the below link: 

GSTR1 – Entry Details

This ends the reading to GSTR 1 Summary details in Saral Pro