Unlock Income Tax Efficiency with Saral

Say goodbye to the complexities of tax filing and experience
a seamless journey with Saral.

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    Simplified user interface

    Saral's thoughtfully designed interface ensures that users can swiftly input their financial information without unnecessary delays or confusion.
    By facilitating swift data input and providing the convenience of generating multiple Assessee details for multiple assessment years simultaneously, Saral elevates efficiency and convenience.

    Integrated with ITD portal

    Saral's seamlessly retrieves your data directly from the
    Income Tax Department's website, significantly reducing the burden of manual data entry.
    This not only saves you time but also minimizes the potential for errors that can occur during manual input.

    Know your Taxes in a Single Click

    Accurate reporting of taxable income and taxes to the tax department is paramount. Saral recognizes this significance and offers effective solutions.
    Leveraging the power of technology, we enable a precise approach through the utilization of pre-filled JSON files and the seamless download of Form 26AS and AIS.

    Offline utility for data upload

    Even if online access isn't available, there's no need to worry. Saral provides a practical solution through its web extension, allowing you to seamlessly continue your tax-related activities offline. This feature ensures that you can still perform all the necessary tasks without being connected to the internet.

    Digital Signature Registration

    Simplify the process of registering your digital signature with the IT portal through Saral.
    Say goodbye to cumbersome procedures as our platform streamlines this vital step for you. Saral empowers you to swiftly integrate your digital signature, allowing you to focus more on managing your taxes and financial matters with ease.

    Migrate from Offline to Online

    Experience seamless data transfer with Saral's user-friendly feature. With just a simple click, you can effortlessly transition your offline data to the online application, streamlining your tax filing process.
    This capability eliminates the need for manual re-entry, saving you valuable time and reducing the risk of errors that can occur during data migration.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, we can file ITR1 to ITR7 in Saral Income Tax. 

    Yes, you can manage multiple AY for multiple Assessees in a single file in Saral Software.

    Saral, has both system based and login based applications. You can choose based on your requirement.

    Yes, you can file Audit Report from Saral.

    Yes, you can file your ITR directly from Saral.

    Yes, you can pay all your taxes via Saral Income Tax. 

    Streamline Your Returns with Saral

    Discover the power of automation, user-friendly interfaces, and innovative features that make Saral the go-to choice for professionals and businesses.