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Benefits of Saral

GST compliance

Hassle-free GST compliance with Saral! Covering all GSTRs (1 to 9), generate E-way bills effortlessly without login, and embrace mandatory e-invoicing for businesses over 5Cr revenue. Time-saving and easy!

Complete Billing

From generating quotations and pro forma invoices to processing sales orders, delivery challans, sales invoices, and sales returns, Saral simplifies every step to enhance your customer experience and boost your productivity.

Tracking & Communication

Saral integrates with WhatsApp & Email. Manage invoices, outstanding payments, and access reports like General Ledger Statement & Sales Register. Efficient communication and financial tracking made easy.

Features that make your life easier

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Inventory Management

Experience streamlined inventory control with Saral's intuitive features, ensuring you meet demand efficiently and enhance customer satisfaction.

Our Inventory Management offers a powerful tool designed to assist you in effectively overseeing your stock. It aids in strategic planning, meticulous tracking, and optimal management of stock requirements, all the way through until items are successfully sold to customers.

Manage multi location inventory

Barcode, Batch & Serial No. for items

Alerts for low stock levels & more

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Easy Invoicing

Revolutionize your invoicing process with Saral's cutting-edge capabilities! Whether it's crafting invoices for sales, managing purchases, or meticulously handling internal and external stock listings, Saral transforms the mundane into the extraordinary.

Saral ensures precision in every transaction.

Manage order to delivery processes

Inventory control via physical stock analysis

Enable multiple transaction formats

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Business Compliance

Compliance with tax laws and regulations is paramount in business. Meeting all tax obligations, including income reporting, accurate tax liability calculations, and timely payments within set deadlines, is vital to ensure legal and financial stability.

We at Saral understand the critical nature of this process. Our platform empowers businesses to navigate tax intricacies seamlessly. 

GSTR2 and GSTR2A/2B Reconciliation

Automate E-Way Bill & E-Invoice

Input Tax Credit Management

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Advanced Features

Elevate your experience with Saral's advanced features, delivering unparalleled power and precision.

Tailored for excellence, our high-level functionalities empower users with specialized capabilities, transforming complexities into seamless efficiency.

Managing schemes for diverse offers

Send invoices via SMS & WhatsApp

Multiple counter billing report

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MIS reports

Access data-driven insights into your company's performance, identify trends, and strategize effectively.

Saral offers an extensive array of reports designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of your business's financial and transactional facets. From profit and loss statements to sales reports, these insightful tools empower you to make informed decisions. 

100+ bill formats for all types of printer

Identify the age of outstanding invoices

Reports on stock levels, movements & values

Compliance. Guaranteed.

GST Compliance with
E-Invoice and E-Way Bill

Saral eliminates compliance headaches by covering all GSTRs 1 to 9, ensuring full GST regulation compliance. Save time with direct e-way bill generation within the software. Enjoy the game-changing e-invoicing, mandatory for businesses over 5Cr revenue.

Generate E-Way Bill Without Login

With Saral, generating e-way bills becomes a breeze, saving you significant time and effort. Say goodbye to the hassle of logging into the E-way bill portal separately; Saral streamlines the process by allowing you to create e-way bills directly within the software.

E-invoicing for every business

With Saral, you gain seamless access to this transformative invoicing method, ensuring compliance and efficiency. Unlock the benefits of e-invoicing and streamline your billing processes for enhanced productivity and growth.

GST Suvidha Provider

With the built-in GSP service, Saral offers a direct and secure data upload and download process from the GSTN portal. This streamlined integration simplifies your GST compliance tasks, ensuring seamless data transmission with OTP authentication for enhanced security.

Simple and Affordable Pricing

Why Choose Saral?

Choose Saral Accounts for effortless and efficient transaction management. With its comprehensive features, Saral simplifies your operations, saves time and ensures accuracy.

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