Payroll Efficiency
at Your Fingertips

Enjoy a stress-free month-end with Saral, where you can effortlessly manage attendance, generate accurate payslips, and have the assurance of complying with regulations for timely salary payments.

    Core Payroll made Simpler

    Our software simplifies the entire payroll management process, from calculating salaries to generating payslips.

    With advanced features such as automatic calculation of allowances and deductions, you can ensure accurate and error-free payroll processing.

    • Tailored Salary Structure

    • One-Click Salary Calculations

    • Seamless Excel Integration

    • Effortless Salary Sheet Generation

    Guaranteed Statutory Compliance

    Stay on top of legal requirements and ensure compliance with ease.

    Our payroll software automatically calculates and generates statutory reports ensuring that you meet all legal obligations.

    • Effortless PF Calculation and ECR Generation

    • Calculate & Prepare ESI return details

    • PT Calculation as per States Laws

    • Auto-calculation & deduction of Labour Welfare Fund (LWF)

    Seamless Attendance and Leave

    Say goodbye to manual attendance tracking with our integrated attendance management system.

    Our software allows you to easily track and manage employee attendance, whether through biometric devices or through manual entry.

    This ensures accurate calculation of leave, overtime, and attendance-based incentives.

    • Efficient Attendance Tracking with timestamps

    • Integration with any attendance devices

    • Automatic Credit, Transfer & Lapse of Unused Leaves

    • Comprehensive Holiday & Week-off Management

    Efficient TDS Handling

    Managing TDS becomes a breeze with our software. It automatically calculates the TDS amount for each employee based on their salary and generates TDS reports.

    This saves you time and effort in manually calculating and maintaining TDS records.

    • Form 24Q Generation and FVU Validation

    • Digital Form 16 and 12BA Generation

    • Import bulk employee tax declarations with Form 12BB

    • TDS e-Payment and Online Return Filing

    Empower Your Workforce with Benefits

    Our software enables convenient management of employee benefits such as loans, advances, and reimbursements.

    With features like automated loan deductions and easy reimbursement tracking, you can efficiently handle employee benefits without any hassle.

    • Error-free Bonus Calculation & Compliance

    • Seamless Gratuity Management and One-Time TDS

    • Multiple ways to manage and compansate arrears

    • Reimbursement allotment and claim tracking

    Unlock Valuable Insights

    Make informed decisions with our comprehensive reports and analytics module.

    Our software provides detailed insights into various aspects of payroll and employee data, allowing you to identify trends, track costs, and improve overall efficiency.

    • Comprehensive Muster Roll as per Compliance

    • MIS & Reconciliation Reports

    • Payslips Generation with Email & WhatsApp integration

    • Custom Query & Report Generation Capabilities

    Verticals We Have Served



    Efficient payroll management ensuring timely
    compensation for educators and staff.



    Tailored payroll for independent professionals,
    ensuring financial ease.



    Manage payroll across manufacturing,
    from production floors to administrative roles.



    Precise and compliant payroll for all roles
    within financial institutions.



    Simplify payroll for healthcare professionals,
    allowing focus on quality care.


    Software & IT

    Dynamic payroll management ensuring swift and precise payroll for your tech-savvy workforce.

    Unrivaled Satisfaction: Years of Delight with Saral PayPack

    Archana Finance Director of TIPS Global

    We have been using the Saral Product of Relyon Softech Ltd for more than 7 years.
    The product is user friendly and it can be customized as per client requirements which is an added advantage. Their customer support team are always responsive to our queries and concerns from time to time.

    Ramesh Changepond Technologies

    We converted to Relyon Software for payroll processing two years back.
    Prior to Relyon, payroll was a difficult and painful task. We have found Relyon to be quick to answer questions, extremely efficient, and insightful in sharing new information. The amount of time and energy that Relyon has saved us is remarkable

    Subhendu Sar kar Sr. Manager (F&A), GKB LENS PVT LTD

    We are very much pleased to say that it’s a great experience with Saral throughout the journey since 2015. We are highly satisfied by using Saral.
    We are very impressed for query resolution and sort out of glitches within a short period of time which made us so proud for having an association with such an experienced Team like yours.

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