TRACES registration process [New] – with screenshots

A summary of the traces registration process

In this post, we discuss the new TRACES registration process. We’ll discuss each section in particular:

Objective of the TRACES Website

Taxpayers and TDS deductors can do several operations on the TDS TRACES website, including but not limited to the following:

  • It is possible to see and download Form 26AS.
  • Submit a request to have the TDS/TCS statement revised.
  • Verify the challan’s status.
  • Many tax statements may have their status checked online.
  • Make an online refund request.
  • Download Forms 16 and 16A (for TDS deductors only), the Justification Report, and the consolidated file.
  • Many duties relating to taxes may be easily completed with the help of the online services available on the TRACES website. Earlier paper-based methods, which required a lot more time, have mostly been replaced by this. This web-based rectification tool makes it simple to update PAN data and make challan changes. 
  • TDS return corrections that have already been submitted must be finished online.
  • Correction of OLTAS Challan online.

Important information on Taxpayer Registration

The services provided by TRACES to a registered Taxpayer are:

  • Registration.
  • View and Download Form 26AS.
  • Can download the Form 16B.
  • Verify your TDS Certificate.
  • View/Download your Aggregated TDS Compliances Report.
  • Manage your profile and also change the password.

You can perform 26QB correction.

New Registration Process in TRACES

To file your Correction Statement, TRACES registration is compulsory.

Step 1: Go to the official website and click ‘Register as New User’. Then select ‘Deductor’ and click on ‘Proceed’.


Step 2: Add the TAN of the deductor and enter ‘Verification code’ and click ‘Proceed’.


Step 3: If you are not sure of the TAN details, then click on ‘Know your Tan link’


Step 4: Next fill in the following details – TAN search, Category of Deductor, State, Name and your Mobile number. Then click on ‘Continue’

Step 5:

  • Enter your Token Number as per the Financial YearQuarter and Form Type entered above.
  • Check the box when the deductor does not have BIN details and need not provide BSR code and Challan Serial Number.
  • Then click on ‘Guide to’ and select suitable Challan.
  • Enter CIN details for a challan used in the statement.
  • Check the box if you do not have PAN corresponding to Challan details.
  • Click ‘Guide to’select suitable PAN amount Combinations.Then click on ‘proceed’

Step 6: Tick the correct checkbox to fetch address details as in TAN Master or as per the last statement.

The same also applies to fetch your communication details. Then click on ‘next’ to continue or click ‘back’ if you have to make corrections.


Step 7:Enter User ID and password for your TAN account. Click on ‘create account’.


Step 8: A confirmation screen will display values entered by you in the previous windows.

The last column will then auto fetch details from TAN Master or from the last statement.

Click on ‘Confirm’ to confirm the registration of TAN.


Step 9: A success message will be displayed confirming the registration of TAN with TRACES.


Step 10: Then enter the details like User ID, Code send by email and SMS. Click on ‘submit’


Step 11: Then a message will be displayed when your account activation is successful.


Step 12: You can login into TRACES with the details like User ID, password, TAN and verification code. Click on ‘Login’.


We have come to the end of this post on the new registration process in TRACES. If you have any queries or opinions please let us know in the comment section below.

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