GST Party Master

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In this post, we will learn about how to create a party master manually or import the details in to GST module of Saral Pro.

First, let us understand what is Party Master. Party Master contains the information of vendors and customers with whom you have made purchases or sales.

Next, let us learn how to enter the Party master details in GST Module manually,

Navigate to the GST module and click on Party Master.

To enter the new party master details, click on the “+” icon and update the necessary information like Name, Address, Place, Type (i.e. B2B, B2C etc), GSTIN, contact details and others.

We can also update the details as available in the GSTN by clicking on the Download and entering the GSTN portal login credentials. The data will be auto-fetched from the GST portal and updated here. SAVE the details and continue.

To view the filing history of the parties, select the Bulk Filing History tab and click on get latest. The latest GSTR filing status will be updated on screen. 

Let us now explore the options that are available in the Party Master

  1. Verify The Verify option next to each Party detail is to verify the GSTIN Individually.
  2. Verify Bulk GSTINThis option helps us verify all the GSTINs available in the party master in one click.

In the above two points, the GSTINs will be verified from the GST Portal and the message Verified will be displayed against the verified GSTIN.

  1. Delete → This option is used to delete any party entry.
  2. Edit → This option is used to edit the existing party details entry.
  3. Download → This option can download all the party details to an MS Excel sheet.
  4. Create Bulk Parties This option can help you to create all the party details in one click by entering only their GSTIN.
    • Click on the icon, enter the GSTINs for which entries have to be created and click on Create Parties. Note that, at a time, only 20 parties can be created.
  •  You will be asked to confirm your GSTN login via captcha entry and on confirmation, the party details will be created. The summary of creation will be displayed for reference.
  1. Excel This option can download the party details to an Excel file.

To import the party details via Excel, navigate to the Import tab and download the Excel template. Fill in the required party details information and save it. 

Then click on the Import option to upload the details to the party master, select the file and click on Upload. On successful import, the imported details can be viewed at the party master window.

Thus, we come to the end of the reading on how to enter the party master details in the GST module of Saral Pro. 

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