GST Registration Certificate

A summary of how to download a GST certificate

In this post, we will discuss the GST registration certificate, its content, and how to download it. Let’s see each section in detail: 

What is a GST registration certificate?

A GST registration certificate proves that you are registered under India’s GST laws. If a company in India has a revenue greater than the GST registration threshold, it must register for GST. Some firms, including casual and non-resident taxable individuals, must additionally register for GST.

Validity For GST Registration Certificate

A GST registration certificate is valid from the day a person becomes liable for GST registration as long as they complete the application within thirty days. If not, the validity term commences on the day the certificate is issued, as per CGST Rules 9(1), 9(3), and 9(5).

If the officer is responsible for the delay under CGST Rule 9(5), the official shall provide the signed registration certificate within three working days of the provided time.

Regular taxpayer certificates expire once surrendered or revoked and are valid as long as the GST registration is active. The certificate is only valid for ninety days for casual taxpayers before becoming invalid. However, taxpayers can extend or renew it before it expires.

Content of GST registration certificate

The GST registration certificate consists of the primary certificate and two annexures: Annexure A and Annexure B. The primary GST registration certificate includes the following details:

  • The taxpayer’s GSTIN, trade name, and legal name
  • Type of business constitution (e.g., partnership, corporation, proprietorship, trust, etc.)
  • Address of the Main Place of Business
  • Date of Liability.
  • The validity period is often indicated by a ‘From date.’ Regular taxpayers will not have a ‘To date’ except for casual or non-resident taxable people.
  • Type of Registration
  • Details of the Approving Authority: Name, designation, jurisdictional office, and signature (often digitally signed).
  • Date when the certificate was issued. 

Annexure-A includes details such as: 

  •  GSTIN and Legal Name
  • Trade Name (if needed)
  • Additional places of business

Annexure-B includes details such as: 

  • GSTIN and Legal Name
  • Trade Name (if applicable).
  • Information on the proprietor, partners, Karta, management and full-time directors, board of trustees, and so on, including their photo, name, designation or status, and state of residence.

Steps to Download GST Registration Certificate

You must first log in to your GST account to download the GST registration certificate. When you have the GST Portal account information, follow the steps below:

1: Open the GST India website at

2: Click the’ Login’ button to access the username and password screen.

3: Enter the right ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ credentials, as well as the captcha, in the relevant fields and click ‘Login’.

4: Go to Services -> User Services -> View/Download Certificates.

5: Click the ‘get’ option on the screen to get the certificate. The certificate includes all information about the tax transactions.

Sample of the GST certificate


‘Annexure A’ includes a list of any additional business locations stated during GST registration.

‘Annexure B lists the taxpayer’s persons in charge, including their name, designation, state of residence, and photo. The list may include the proprietor, partners, Karta, or Managing Director, as well as full-time Directors or members of the Managing Committee of an Association of Persons or the Board of Trustees, among others.

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1. Is GST registration necessary for all businesses?

Ans: No, the necessity for GST registration is determined by the turnover threshold and particular criteria set by your country’s tax authorities. Small enterprises may be exempted from registration.

2. Who needs to get a GST registration certificate?

Ans: Any firm or individual involved in the supply of goods or services that meets the statutory turnover levels must register for GST under their respective country’s tax regulations.

3. Can I make changes to the information on my GST registration certificate?

Ans: You may usually amend certain information on your GST Registration Certificate, such as the authorised.

4. How long does it take to get a GST Registration Certificate after applying?

Ans: The processing time for a GST Registration Certificate varies depending on the jurisdiction. Depending on the local tax authority’s policies, it can take a few days to several weeks.