GST Dashboard with Option Settings and Mail Setup in Saral Pro

Hello Everyone,

In this post, we will be learning about how to configure the option settings and do the mail setup in for GST return processing in Saral Pro.

After creating the Assessee Master for GST, the GST Dashboard will be displayed. Select the Financial Year and the month and you can view the return filing summary along with cash/credit ledger balance as in GSTN and notices received.

Next, to configure the option settings as required for GST returns, go to Option Settings tab. Here, if you are a Normal GST Dealer, select the applicable return type i.e. Monthly or Quarterly along with your last turnover details and aggregate turnover details.

In the next column, select the applicable categories under which you will be reporting the transactions for return filing like B2B, B2C, Import etc.

Also enable the required other option like Amendment, Reverse Charge and others.

After enabling the required, click on Update and the process of Option Settings completes.

Next, let us understand the process of Mail Setup in Saral Pro GST.

Mail Setup is required to send out the automated mails to the vendors on generating e-invoice etc..To do the mail setup, navigate to the Mail Setup tab.

  • First the mail sending server and then the mail content needs to be configured.
  • Select the  Server and enter the Server Name, Port Number along with sender User ID and password. Save this settings.
  • Under Mail Setup, select the required Mail Type, enter the CC mail id and default subject of the mail and body. Click on Save on updating the required changes.

You can also read the Instructions to complete the process of mail setup at the server end i.e. Gmail.

Here ends the reading on how to do the option settings and mail setup in Saral Pro.