GSTR 1 Upload in Saral Pro

GSTR 1 Upload in Saral Pro

Hi All. Through this post, we will see the process of GSTR 1 upload to the GSTN portal via Saral Pro.

Before uploading the details, make sure that all the details are entered in their respective categories. To know the details entry in Saral Pro GSTR 1, read below;

To upload GSTR 1, navigate to the menu GSTR 1, select the respective financial year and month and click on Upload.

Under Types, select the required types, such as :

  1. Upload Section Wise: Upload section-wise invoice details to the portal. Sub to this, there are two options
    1. Summary: To upload all the category details at once
    2. Category: To upload selected invoices under a particular category
  2. Delete Downloaded section: Delete the specific sections that are downloaded.
  3. Delete Downloaded Invoices: Delete the specific invoices that are


  1. Delete Uploaded section: Delete the specific sections that are uploaded.
  2. Delete Uploaded Invoices: This will help you delete the Invoices that are uploaded.

Select the required type and the details to be uploaded. Next, select the required type of Upload from the options available:

  1. Download : To download the uploaded JSON file.
  2. Upload (Portal): To Upload the required section invoices or all the invoices to the portal,

Select the required category and click on Upload(Portal). For The GSTINs to be verified before the upload of the JSON file, click on the Verify icon and enter the login credentials.

After GSTIN Verification, click on Upload, and the JSON file will be uploaded to the GSTN.

  1. Upload (OTP): To upload the data through OTP, click on Upload OTP.

Select the required sections and click on Verify to verify the GSTIN’s. To verify the party for cancelled GSTINs, click on Verify and enter the GSTN login captcha details.

Next, to upload the JSON file via OTP, click on the Upload icon and enter the OTP received at the GSTN-registered mobile number.

  1. Summary(Portal): To download the Summary from the portal, click on the Summary(Portal) icon and enter the GSTN login captcha details.

Summary: Through this option, you can generate the uploaded invoice summary in the application. Click on Generate Summary under Summary which will prepare a summary for all the details. To generate the summary of uploaded details, click on Uploaded Summary.

Here completes the reading to GSTR 1 JSON Upload through Saral Pro.

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