Migration from Saral GST to Saral Pro

Hi All. This post will have a sneak peek at the workings of the Migration utility to migrate your data from Saral GST to Saral Pro.

Please note that this flow assumes that you are a new user and do not have an account at Saral Pro.

To begin with, open your Saral GST software, and you can see a tile on the dashboard for migration.

On click, enter your Email and required password to Sign Up for an account at Saral Pro. If you already have the account, then log in with your credentials.

You will receive a confirmation code at the given email id. Enter the same with the required details and confirm the sign-up. 

Next, enter your business details. The entity detail will be fetched from the Saral GST, which has to be saved and continued.

On Save, the Entity, File, and the Assessee are created in Saral Pro. Now, click on Sync Data to MIGRATE the data from Saral GST to Saral Pro.

After data migration, you can directly log in to Saral Pro to view the details.

Saral Pro will open in the default browser and route you to the Dashboard. 

Now, click on GST against the file, which will route you to the GST Dashboard, where you can navigate various options and view the data migrated from Saral GST.

If you have any questions or queries on the migration process, please contact saralgst@relyonsoft.com or connect at +91 80 23002100.