Procedure for software update in Saral TDS to a newer version

In this post, we will see the procedure for software update in Saral TDS to a newer version (major release) on financial year change.

The process of downloading the update file and upgrade to the latest version can be done in two ways:

Procedure 1 – Download the file for an update from Relyon customer portal and update.

Step 1: Log into your Relyon customer portal using your Login credentials. The link for the customer portal is


In case, you have lost your User Id or Password, click on the relevant links shown at right-bottom of the screen which will help you to retrieve the details. Still, if the problem persists, please contact our customer support.

Step 2: On login, click on Product Updates under Download.

Step 3: In the next view, the products purchased by you from Relyon will be displayed. Select on Saral TDS (edition as applicable) and click on download arrow shown next to Version 20.00


The version update is applicable from a particular older version of the software which is as mention in the details displayed. Here, the older being 19.00. If you are working on before version of this i.e. 18.04 and before, please contact our support for updating to the latest version. Also, if you want an upgrade to the latest version (other than major version), then those update files will also be available here.

On click on Download Arrow, the file will be downloaded to your system. After completion of the download, double click on the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instruction to upgrade to the latest version.

Update the software to the next major version


Before upgrading the software, be it major/minor or fix upgrade, make sure to take a backup of the file in the software.

Step 4: On double-click, a pop-up for installation is shown where we need to click on Yes and follow the instructions.

Step 5: After installation is complete, the success message will be displayed.

Now, the software is updated to the latest major version.

Procedure 2 – Download the file for update through software and update.

Next, we will see the download & update procedure which is done through Saral TDS.

Step 1: Once the application is opened, an update notification will be shown at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 2: Click on Download and the latest update available for download will be listed. You will be asked if you want to download the latest update found. Click on Yes to proceed.


Make sure to take a backup of the files regularly in order to safeguard the data from any loss.

Step 3: A message will be displayed for confirmation of an upgrade to be the latest version. Click on Yes to continue.

The installation will be done as explained in before procedure and software will be upgraded to the latest version.

After upgrading the software, it requires the new registration licence details to work in licensed mode.

This summarizes the process of updating Saral TDS to a newer version.