Display Linked Challans

In this post, we will discuss on the Display Linked Challans in Saral TDS with screenshots to explain the process in detail.

This module is used to the view the status of challan i.e. whether the challan is linked in excess or short. Also, this view will provide the details of deductions that are linked to each challan and the details of the deductions which are not linked to any challan.

In Saral TDS, Display linked Challans view can be seen from any form menu list.

The option can also be seen in the challan entry window.

In the displayed window, all the challans entered in the Form (across quarters) will be listed. You can apply the filter on the list to view the challan for a particular section of a particular quarter.

If any of the challans are utilized in excess then those challans will be highlighted in Red colour. Similarly in case of short utilization (that is amount is still available for utilization) then such challan will be highlighted in blue colour. The remaining challan, equally utilized, will be white in colour.

To view the deductions linked to a challan, click on the challan and the linked deductions will be displayed.

To view the deductions that are not linked to any challans, click on Unlinked button. This will display the deductions which are not linked to any challan. Make sure to link these deductions to the relevant challans.

If the deductions have been wrongly linked to any challan, the deductions can be unlinked from the challan. To unlink a deduction(s) from challan, select the challan and click on Unlink button. In the displayed window, uncheck the deduction(s) to be unlinked from the challan and click on Unlink. This will unlink the deduction and the amount will be shown in excess with the challan.

In case, all the deductions have to be unlinked from the challan, then click on Unlink All button, select the quarter from which the unlink has to be done and save the setting. This will unlink all the deductions from their respective challans in the selected quarter.

This completes the processes in Display Linked Challans window of Saral TDS.