GST error codes during filing the Income Tax Return

GST Error codes

In this post, we will be discussing the errors faced by the taxpayers while filing the GST returns.

We will also look at the list of GST error codes and their solutions.

List of GST error codes and their solutions.

Note: Click “Control+F” and paste the error code if you want a solution for a particular error while filling your GST return

RET191106Error in JSON structure validationJSON file uploaded is not recognized by the GSTN or there are major structural errors in the JSON file uploadedEnsure that GSTIN is mentioned in the JSON file. Ensure that you have uploaded the most recent and correct JSON file in the GST Portal under the correct GSTIN.
Reach out to
RET191113The GSTIN is invalid. Please provide a valid GSTIN.GSTIN mentioned in the JSON file does not match the GSTIN of the GST account or a customer’s GSTIN.Ensure that the JSON file is uploaded to the correct GST account. Ensure that the correct GSTIN is mentioned in the GST tool used for preparing the JSON file. Change the GSTIN in the JSON file, save and try uploading to the GST Portal. Ensure that all customer GSTINs are valid.
RET191114The date is Invalid. The date of the invoice cannot be before the registration date.The date mentioned on an invoice is earlier than the date the customer obtained GST registration or GSTIN. Only from the date of obtaining GSTIN, a business would become eligible for claiming the input tax credit.Invoice the customer after the date of GST registration. Change the invoice type to B2C.
RET191115An invoice number does not exist. Please enter a valid invoice number.Invoice number must be a consecutive serial number not exceeding sixteen characters, in one or multiple series, containing alphabets or numerals or special characters hyphen or dash and slash symbolize as “-” and “/” respectively, and any combination thereof, unique for a financial year.Ensure that all invoices have a GST invoice number. In case an invoice does not have an invoice number, assign one as per GST rules and re-create the JSON file. If an invoice is invalid, delete the item from the JSON and re-upload.
RET191124The original Invoice is Invalid. The original invoice cannot be tracked. Please enter the correct invoice number and date.The invoice mentioned may have been missed during uploading.Check the Invoice Number of the Credit/Debit Note which is showing the error.
RET191133Invoice already exists with a different CTIN or the same CTIN. Please delete the existing invoice and re-upload it again.The user may be trying to upload an invoice that already exists on the GST portal.Check if the invoice is already uploaded on the GST portal. Check if there are no changes to the invoice data between the uploaded one and the one you are trying to upload now. Ignore the error if the invoice is uploaded and don’t need to make any changes. To make changes, delete the old invoice on the government portal. Upload the changed invoice with a proper JSON file.
RET191148No section data or Gross Turnover is available to process the request.Looks like any invoice details are not entered.If you’re filing a NIL return without any invoices, you need to follow a different procedure (manual filing at the GST portal). If you’re not filing a NIL return, please upload your invoices before proceeding further.
RET191150IGST is mandatory for interstate supply and CGST & SGST should not be present.This message will generate when IGST is wrong for intra-state supply and CGST and SGST is wrong for inter-state supply.Use the error report given in the Software to fix the incorrect invoice. Ensure that the invoice has a proper place of supply. Change the place of supply to match the type of GST charged.
RET191166Decryption/Decoding failed.The data could not be successfully decoded.Reach out to
RET191175The rate entered is not valid according to the rate list.The invoices uploaded may contain a wrong or invalid GST rate
IGST rates are applicable under 7 slabs namely 0%, 0.25%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. CGST and SGST rates are applicable under 7 slabs namely 0%, 0.125%, 2.5%, 6%, 9% and 14%.
Correct the invoice with the wrong GST rate. Ensure that GST rates are mentioned in the JSON file without a % symbol. Ensure that CGST and SGST rates are divided equally and are correct.
RET191176Do enter the correct shipping bill date that is on or after the Invoice Date and on or before today’s date.The shipping bill date mentioned on the invoice is older than the invoice date.
The invoice date must precede the shipping bill date.
Change the shipping bill date to a date after the invoice date.
RET191179The Place of supply and state code of the Supplier should be different for Inter-State supply.For all B2B invoices and B2C large invoices, the place of supply is mentioned in the JSON file next to the words “POS”.All inter-state supply, the place of supply would be a different state than that of the supplier. For all intra-state supplies, the place of supply would be the same state.Check if all the invoice has the correct state code. Check if the POS code is different from the supplier’s state when IGST is collected. Ensure that the POS code is the same as the supplier’s state when CGST and SGST are collected.
RET191205Tax amounts are not in line with the taxable value and the declared tax rate(Tax rate percentage). Please edit the tax amount or taxable valueThis error is thrown up in two cases:
1. For the Data already uploaded but not filed prior to 22nd February 2018,
2. For uploads made after 22nd February 2018
For each line item, the tax amount should be against the taxable value and need to be rounded up to 2 digits for decimals.
RET291190Checksum mismatch. Unable to process.According to GSTN, you are trying to save your GSTR-2 based on old data.Please download your GSTR-2A, reconcile and save it again
RET291107Invoice No. (s) 1 already exist in GSTR 1 or 5 of 072017According to GSTN, you need to change your invoice number because the supplier has already used that invoice number for something else. However, you can claim ITC provisionally.You need to modify the invoice number and upload it again.
RET291109The GSTIN of the supplier is invalid.The supplier’s GSTIN you mentioned in your invoice is wrong.Please enter the correct GSTIN of your supplier.
RET291106Error in JSON structure validationJSON file uploaded is not recognized by the GSTN or there are major structural errors in the JSON file uploadedEnsure that GSTIN is mentioned in the JSON file.
Ensure that you have uploaded the most recent and correct JSON file in the GST Portal under the correct GSTIN.
Reach out to
RET291252The receiver is not allowed to accept modified invoices/notes.According to GSTN, this invoice was earlier modified and then accepted. The GSTN does not allow you to accept immediately after you modify the invoice.If you just want to accept the supplier’s values: Go to GSTN. Reject this invoice. Upload it again.
RET291206Invalid Eligibility type.This error happens if you changed the Place of Supply in the invoice.Reach out to
RET291241Invalid UQC valueYou may have entered a UQC value that is not accepted. GSTN accepts UQC only from the recommended list.Please update the UQC as per the list and upload it again.
RET291113The date is invalid. The date of the invoice is prior to the date of registration of the receiver.This happens when the date mentioned in your invoice is before the date you registered under GST.Please change the date and upload again.
RET291119Duplicate invoice XXX found in the payload. Please correct it. Reach out to
RET291240If PoS and Receiver States are Different then Eligibility Should be None.As per GST law, you cannot claim ITC if the place of supply mentioned in the invoice is NOT same as your GSTIN StateYou can edit the ITC to be ineligible and upload it again. If you wish to potentially claim the credit provisionally, you should reject this invoice and then add a new purchase invoice with your state as a place of supply. Please ensure you use a different invoice number.
RET291131The date is Invalid. The date of the invoice cannot exceed the current tax period and be older than 18 monthsThis happens when your purchase invoice date is not within the return period. For example, if you are filing GSTR 2 for July, the date should be between 1st July and 31st July.Ensure the date mentioned in your purchase invoice is within the return period
RET291114The date is invalid. The date of the invoice is prior to the date of registration of the supplier This happens when the date mentioned in the invoice is before the date the supplier registered under GSTPlease change the date and upload again.
RET191112Invoice type can be SEWP/SEWOP only when either supplier or receiver is SEZEither the Supplier or receiver GSTIN Type has to be SEZWhen receiver GSTIN is SEZ taxpayer, either of SEZ Supplies with payment or without payment has to be selected in invoice entry
RET191111Invoice No. XXXX already exists in GSTR1 of the supplier for the return period XX-XXXX. Do enter the correct invoice number.The invoice details entered is already available in the earlier GSTR return filedThe same invoice number cannot be updated to other suppliers within a financial year if it is already available in GSTR1. Change the Invoice number and upload.
RET191151Enter the correct invoice date for credit/debit transaction that matches with the original invoice date.The date of the original invoice entered in the credit/debit transaction is not matching with the original invoice dateEnter the correct invoice date in the credit/debit transaction
ITC0491649Original Challan No. XXXX does not exist in the Database. Not filed in previous Return Period or current Return Period as part of Table 4 for Return type: ITC04The details of challan w.r.t items sent from manufacturer to Job worker is not foundManufacturer to Job work Delivery challan should be available in portal then only Job worker to manufacturer original challan number will be identified.
ITC0491650The original Challan date is invalid. The date is applicable only on or after 1st July 2017 and post Registration dateThe date of challan entered is before to 1st July 2018 or GST registration which is not allowedJW to Manufacturer original challan date allowed  is only on/after 1st July 2017 or post GST registration date
RET291170IGST Amount is invalid. Unable to process.The tax type selected is wrong.You may be doing an intrastate transaction, in that case, you need to specify CGST and SGST instead of IGST
RET191181Do select the correct invoice type that matches with the invoice type in CDNURThe type of transaction is not selected for the particular CR/DB note enteredSelect B2CL in the CR/DB note entry
RET291211Mismatch with the number of items.In Gstr 2 Tax amount calculated in CGST and SGST should match with the Total tax available as ITCEligible ITC tax values are not matching

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