Multi Default Records & Action Summary

Hello Everyone,

In this post, we will learn how to identify a single record with Multiple defaults and read the Action summary on completion of setting actions for each default record in Saral Pro.

By this time, you would have already set the actions for the default records under different categories. If you have not viewed still, know how to set the action for each record, please visit the below links :  

The last section in the window, Multi Default Record, shows the records identified for multiple defaults. Here, if multiple defaults are identified for a single record, such record will be listed with the type of default against such record.

This will help us identify and prioritize a record’s default type.

After all the actions are set for the defaulted records, the summary of the actions can be viewed under Action Summary.

There are two sections under Action Summary

  • Marked for conso correction: This section will give us the summarized view of the total number of records set with the actions and the total number of defaults pending to be set with the actions.
  • Summarized amount to pay: This section will give us the tax amount payable in case the tax is payable for short deductions. Here, you will also be provided with the amount of unutilized challan, which can be adjusted against any payable amount.


  • The Clear All option will clear all the records set for action and take us back to the Import Justification Report page. Hence, use this option only to remove the entire correction process.

Here, we end the single record with Multiple defaults and Action summary in Saral Pro.