Correction Default Summary

Hello All,

In this post, we will learn to identify defaults raised for a form through Saral Pro.

Ensure you have requested and downloaded the Conso File and the Justification Report file before proceeding with the Correction return. To learn more about the process, read here:

Let us begin with it. Select the respective Form, Financial year and quarter for which the correction return has to be done. Select the return type as Correction and proceed.

On navigation to the Make Correction option, click on Import Conso.

And upload the Conso file, which was downloaded earlier.

Note: You need to extract the Conso File from the zip file and then import the file.

On uploading the file, the deductor details and the records available in the file will be listed on the left-hand side as highlighted.

Next, import the Justification Report by navigating to the Justification Report section and click on Import Justification Report.

And upload the Justification file.

Note: You can import the extracted text or zip files directly here.

Once the JR file is uploaded, the defaults will be listed as in the JR file. To know the summary of the default raised, click on the Default Summary page and download the summary from the TRACES portal. 

The same can also be downloaded by clicking on the Download Report option.

The remaining section of the Justification Report will be continued further in the next post.

Here ends the reading to identify defaults raised for a form through Saral Pro.