Form 16A Request / Download in Saral Pro

Hello Everyone,

In this post, we will be learning how to Request / Download Form 16A from TRACES through Saral Pro.

Let’s begin with it !

After completing the e-return process for the respective quarter and being submitted to the ITD.

Make sure to update the PRN / Original Token Number at the Acknowledgement Details of the Summary page in Form 26Q. Lock the quarter and save it.

Next, Navigate to the Request / Download option and select the respective financial year & quarter for which we have to submit the request

Let us now begin by submitting the request for Form 16A, 

Click on Form 16A under the requests section. A window will open up with KYC information for request which are PRN, Challan details, and PAN details. Verify the details and click Submit.

Clicking the submit button will take us to the TRACES login, where we can enter the login credentials and the request to generate the FORM 16 can be submitted.

Note: If the TRACES login credentials are already updated., then we will have to enter only the Captcha code.

Similar to Form 16A, the request for NSDL Conso File, Justification Report and Online Correction request can also be submitted from this page.

Once the request for Form 16A / Conso / Justification Report / Correction report is made available in the TRACES portal.

The status of the same will be visible in Download All Status from where the individual file can be downloaded.

Click on the particular record status icon and the zip file will be downloaded to the system. The password to extract the zip file is also displayed in the last column.

Note: Through this option we will be able to request the report and download it once it is processed. But we will not be generating the files in PDF format. 

To know about file generation, please read the tutorial on Saral Web extension on Desktop.

Here completes the reading to Form 26Q Request/Download in Saral Pro.