Make Corrections in Deductor and Challan details in Saral Pro

Hello Everyone,

In this post, we will learn to process the corrections after setting the actions via the Justification report in Saral Pro.

To read more on how to set actions via the Justification report, Read below:

Once the actions are set under the Justification Report, go to the Make Correction tab. The Conso file would already have been imported during the import of the Justification Report.

The Deductor Master details, as available in the Conso File, will be displayed. If any corrections are to be made to these details, click on Apply for Correction.

Now, click on Edit and make the necessary changes.


  • If no changes are to be made, then uncheck Unlink for correction, which will not consider the Deductor details for correction.
  • The Edit icon allows us to edit the details in the Deductor Details and Responsible Person’s Details page, respectively, after which we click on Save to save the details.
  • If you want to re-upload the Conso File, then click Re-Upload Conso.

All the challan details, as available in the Conso File, can be viewed in the Challan section. Select the challan that is to be considered for correction and click on Pick Challan For Correction.

This challan will be moved to the Challan For Correction tab. We can also edit the challan details by clicking on the 🖊️ (edit) icon.

If the challan is not considered for the correction process, then select the respective challan and unlink the challan by clicking on Unlink For Correction. 

On Clicking on 🖊️ (edit), It will take us to the window where we can edit the challan details.


  • The Clear All option will clear all the records set for action and take us back to the Import Justification Report page. Hence, use this option only to remove the entire correction process.

This ends the reading of corrections after setting the actions via the Justification report in Saral Pro.