Employee Master Entry in Saral Pro

Employee Master Entry in Saral Pro

Hello Everyone,

In this post, we will be learning about how to enter the Employee master details for Form 24Q filing.

Let us now begin with it. To enter the employee master details, navigate to the TDS menu and click on the Employee tab.

Click the ➕ icon to add the employee’s details to the master list. Enter the required details and click on the Save button.


  • The PAN number can be verified using NSDL or TRACES verification modes.
  • The employment FROM & TO date has to be given accurately, as the tax computation will be based on this duration.

Let us now have a look on the options that are available in the Employee Master page :

  1. To verify the PAN in bulk via NSDL, select the employees for whom the PAN have to be verified and click on icon. 
  2. For bulk verification of employees PAN via TRACES, select the employee and click on icon. This will re-route us to TRACES Login. Login with the credentials and all the selected PAN will be verified with display of Name of the PAN holder.

  1. After verification, to update the Name in the employee master as per PAN, select the employees and click on icon.
  2. To delete an employee detail from the employee master, click on icon.
  3. To export/download the employee details to the excel, click on the icon .
  4. If any employee detail have to be edited, then click on the icon which will redirect us to the Employee Master page where employee details can be edited.

Here ends the reading to Employee master details for Form 24Q filing.