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Download and import Form 26AS to Saral Income Tax

In this post, we will see how to download and import Form 26AS from ITD website for tax computation in Saral Income Tax.

To begin with, This form is an annual consolidated tax statement. All taxpayers can access the form from the income-tax website using their Permanent Account Number (PAN). If you have paid taxes on your income or tax has been deducted from your income, the Income-tax department already has these details in their database.

You could refer to your Form 26AS for the details of your income (tax already deducted from your income) as well as the taxes that have been paid by or on your behalf by the deductor (could be your employer, bank etc.) to the Government treasury.

In addition, Form 26AS also contains details of your deductor such as their names and Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN).

In Saral Income tax, You can import Form 26AS before computing the final income tax and doing the return filing.

The procedure to download and import the details of Form 26As is as explained below;

Firstly, Go to TDS Salary option in Tax Meter. In the displayed screen, the details of TDS deducted /s through Salary, other sources, u/s 26QB and u/s 26Qc can be entered. Here, click on Download 26AS button.

In the window displayed, the login credentials will be auto taken from Assessee Master Screen. Click on Continue to proceed with the downloading.

After continue, you have to enter the Captcha Code. Enter and click on Accept.

On login, the browser will be auto directed to download the Form 26AS details to Saral Income Tax. Ensure, not to interrupt the process in between.


This process will require Internet Explorer v11 and above to be available in your system.

The downloaded file will be in JSON format and the details will be auto-read to the software.

On import of details to the software, the tax deducted and related information can be viewed in the Import window.

On import, all the tax details will be imported i.e. Salary, Others, Advance Tax etc. as available in the online portal.

If the details imported are correct, click on Export to Computation to add the details for computation in software.

In case, you have already entered some tax paid details in the software and you would want to overwrite the details with Form 26AS details, then enable Clear Tax paid details in computation before.

Similarly, if you have to import the Zero TDS entry then enable Export NIL TDS also.

On importing all the details, the details will be added to the computation and the net tax payable will be computed.

If the Form 26AS file is already downloaded, then you can import the same to through Import Form26AS option under Utilities.

Here, read the Form 26AS file downloaded (in .zip or .txt format) by clicking on “…” button, select the required file and then click on Import.

On selecting the file, the details in Form 26AS file will be fetched to the window and then to the software (as explained in the earlier procedure).

This completes the process of Form 26AS Download and Import to Saral Income Tax for tax computation purpose.