Deduction details entry for PAN not available

Hi, in this post we will see the process of deduction details entry for PAN not available Saral TDS i.e when the deductee/customer has not given a valid PAN or the PAN given by the deductee/customer, is Invalid.

In case of PAN not given or Invalid Pan of the Deductee, then 20% TDS is applicable on such deduction. To know more, read our blog at the below link :

TDS without PAN – Higher Deduction of TDS

To know more on validation of PAN in Saral TDS, read our tutorial at the below link :

PAN verification in Saral TDS

To begin with the process, goto Form 26Q and click on Deduction details under the applicable Quarter.

In the displayed window, select the deductee/customer and the applicable section. Also, enter the Payment amount and Payment date. As the deductee PAN is Not available/Invalid, the TDS to be deducted is 20%. Hence, edit the rate of tax as 20.

Note: TDS at 20% is to be considered even if the deductee has given a PAN but found to be invalid during validation.

Next, provide the reason for higher deduction as PAN Not available – Higher Rate (20%).

Now, click on Save and the record will be saved. This record has to be linked to the relevant challan and proceed for return filing.

This completes the process of entering a deduction record w.r.t. PAN not available/Invalid.