E-TDS Return Generation in Saral TDS

Hi, in this post, we will be seeing the process of E-TDS Return Generation in Saral TDS that is FVU file and Form 27A.
To start with, Before going for generating the return files, make sure you have checked on the below points:

  • Details of all Deductions for the quarter are entered with proper payment and TDS Details
  • Details of all challans paid in the quarter are entered with proper CIN details and are verified
  • PAN of all the deductees /employees are verified
  • All deductions are linked to challans (including zero TDS deductions)
  • No challans are over-utilized
  • Data Quality Report is generated and data accuracy is verified
  • Certificate details (Lower/No Deduction if any) are validated
  • Salary details are provided with related information (Form 24Q – 4th Quarter)

On ensuring the above details, go to e-TDS Return option under the required form and quarter. Here, we are considering Form 26Q, Quarter 1

In the e-TDS Return window displayed, the required files are to be generated.
Firstly, you will be asked to download the Challan input file.

The required file will be downloaded on entering the captcha code. Make sure that your internet is open to reaching the NSDL website. If not, download the required file (.csi file) and read it to the software through the “…” button.

To download the .csi file manually, you can click on the button Get CSI File Manually which will lead you to the website from where the file can be downloaded.

The message at the top will display the due date for return filing for the selected quarter. In case of delayed return filing, the interest amount for such delay i.e. Interest u/s 234E will be calculated and displayed.

Next section will display the available PAN validity. If the required & found is not the same, then the return file cannot be generated. The details on the calculation can be viewed by clicking on the View List button.

Now, click on the e-Return button to generate the required files.

If the name as mentioned in the Deductor master and as available in .csi file is different, a message will be displayed on the difference of details. On click on OK, Deductor master will be updated with the name in .csi file.

Next, the data checklist will be displayed with data validation at different points. If the checklist is shown as Data ready for a return then click on Continue to file generation. IF the checklist is shown in red, then there are some data which needs a re-check. Go back to the details, verify, rectify if required and then continue to return filing. This is to avoid any future defaults.

If the validation of details is successful, then file validation successful message will be displayed.

Now you can see the folder containing the files. Copy the .fvu file to a USB device and print Form 27A.
If the validation fails then error message will be displayed.

 To view the errors, click on the Show Report and the errors will be listed. Read the error and rectify the same in relevant details.

In case, you are not able to identify the source of error, then note the line number and enter the same at Identify Error. This will display the source of error.

On identifying the error, rectify the error and re-process to generate an error-free file.
Finally, this completes the process of generating files for e-TDS return filing through Saral TDS.