User Management in Saral Pro

Hello Everyone,

In this post, we will learn how to utilise User Management in Saral Pro. 

First of all let us understand, what is User Management.

User management is a tool which helps to create many sub-users by assigning different roles or different access permission for the users to access the Saral Pro application. This feature allows multiple users to log-in to the Saral Pro application and access the same data at a time.

Let us now learn, how to create Sub-Users in Saral Pro.

User Master

Navigate to the User Management option, after logging into the dashboard of Saral Pro

Click on the “+” button at the right bottom of the screen, to add the Sub-users to the User master.

Enter the required details and save.

Note: Enter a valid email-id, as the user will be receiving an activation code, only using which the user can activate the user account.

Note : Inactive users account can be deleted from the same window.

Group Master

In the Group Master section, we can create different types of groups for different roles as assigned to the user. 

To create a group Master, Navigate to the “Group Master” option in User Management and click on the “+” button to add the group.

Assign Role to Group

In this section, we will be able to assign various roles like TDS, GST or Income Tax to the Group which are active under Group Master.

To assign the role for the group, navigate to the option “Assign Role to Group” in User Management.

And, let us follow the below steps to assign the roles to the group : 

Step 1

Click on the ” Select Group” option and select the group from the drop-down list. Now, enable the required Plan Access i.e accessible module.

Step 2

Next, click on the “Select Module” option and enable module-wise access like edit, upload/download, and delete for each group.

Note: Module options will be displayed depending on the Plan Access selected.

Step 3

Save the settings.

Assign Role to User

This option helps to assign the roles to a particular user created under User Master.

Navigate to the option, Assign Role to User under User Management.

Next, let us follow the below steps to assign the roles to the user:

Step 1

Click on the “Select User” option and enable access for the user name from the drop-down list.

Step 2

Select the Group Name to which the user will be assigned and the Plan Access will be auto-displayed. 

Step 3

Next, click on the Select Module option and enable module-wise access like New, Edit, Upload/Download, and Delete for each user and save the options.

Assign Files

Assign files helps us to assign a particular file created to a specific user.

Note: To know how to create the file/sub-file, visit the link:

Navigate to Assign files in the User Management.

Select the user from the “Select User” option and assign a file(s) to the user.

To get the list of files which are not assigned to any user, Enable the option “Show only Unassigned Files”. Which will display the files that are not assigned to any user. 

On enabling the required files for assignment, save the settings.

Assign File Creation to User

By default, Admin User will have the privilege to create the file in Saral Pro.

Apart from the Admin user If the same access has to be given to any other user, then the configuration can be done under Assign File Creation Role to User.

Navigate to Assign File Creation Role to User under User Management. Here, all the user (other than the admin user) will be listed.

Select the User for whom the access has to be given and Save.

This completes the process of how to utilize User Management in Saral Pro.