tds dashboard

TDS Dashboard

Hello All,

In this post, We will have a deep dive into the TDS Dashboard.

To know more about the process before to TDS Dashboard, please visit the link: 

Let us now begin with it. After the deductor master entry, the TDS dashboard option will be visible to you. This dashboard will help you to analyze many details related to TDS return filing.


In the first tab of the TDS menu, Dashboard has the following options: 

Deduction Records displays the details of the total number of challans and deductions entered in each quarter. You can also navigate to the respective Form-Quarter details from here.

If the return for a particular Form-Quarter-FY is already filed, then we can download the the related data from the TRACES through the option “Download”.

Here, enter the TRACES Login Details with Captcha.

The details downloadable are : 

  • Outstanding Demands which gives the details of the demand raised by the department. This is displayed FY-FORM-QRT wise.

  • Unclaimed challan gives us the details of the challan which is not utilized till date.

We can download the above details by clicking on the individual download links in the respective boxes.

We can access the messages from the TRACES portal at the option, Inbox and Alerts on the right-hand side of the page.

If any request for files like Conso, Form 16 etc that are made at the TRACES portal, the same can be viewed at Downloads.

From here, we can download the specific file by clicking on the record. 


The next tab is Deductee Master, i.e. we can add the deductee details for Form 26Q, 27Q & 27EQ.

Navigate to the option “Deductee” and the click on “+” icon to add the deductee details.

Enter the required field information, and Save

Consider the following points, while saving the deductee details :

  1. The given PAN number is to be verified against TRACES and NSDL. 
  2. Is transporter – When the deductee is a pure transporter with less than 10 business vehicle for FY, also the deductee should submit a valid PAN.
  3. 206 AB – Where the deductee is identified for not have been filed their ITR for previous 2 successive years.
  4. We can Bulk Verify the PAN from NSDL, Bulk update the name as per PAN and Bulk PAN verify from Traces, as highlighted in the below snap.


The other tab for entry is Employee where we can enter the employee details for Form 24q filing.

To add the employee’s details, click on the “+” icon in the Employee menu

Fill in the required field information and Save.

Note : The given PAN number can be verified against TRACES and NSDL


The next tab is Settings. Here, we can enable/disable the Forms (24, 26, 27 & 27E) based on the requirements and save them.

Note: Round Off Tax to the Higher Rupee is a mandatory setting.

Mail Server Settings

The last tab is Mail Server Settings. We can configure the mail server setup in this tab.

This is necessary to send emails at various up-coming windows.

This ends the reading of the TDS Dashboard.