Steps for Part Payment in Saral TDS

In this post, we will see how to process Part Payment in Saral TDS.

To begin with, Part Payment is a process wherein tax deducted has to be adjusted through amounts in more than one challan.

Before proceeding to part payment, make sure on the below points:

  • You should enter the deductions in Saral TDS
  • You should enter the challans in Saral TDS
  • The required linking of challan and deduction (other than part payment) is done.

The following steps given below explains the Part-payment process in Saral TDS;

Firstly, Go to General Settings under the Settings of the Master menu

Secondly, In the General Settings window, enable the Allow Part Payment option.

Now, go to the deduction entry screen and select the deduction for which you have to make the part payment.

On selecting the deduction, enable Part Payment option in Challan Details block.

“… ” button will be displayed. Click on the “…” button to display the Part Payment details window.

From the Challan Details box, select the challan serial number from the Serial No. drop box which will be used for part payment. On selecting the challan, the amount available in the challan for payment will be displayed.

Note: You can use the challan only to the extent of the amount available in the challan.

Now, enter the amount, at the left-hand side of the window, required from the selected challan for payment of the deduction.

On saving the details, the amount set off against the particular deduction will be displayed.

Now, select the next challan for part payment and follow the same process.

If the payment adjusted amount and the deducted amount is same, then the display of the amount will be in Black colour else it will be shown in red.

Finally, once the amount is fully adjusted, the part payment process completes.

Points to note:

  • The challans utilized in the process should have an available amount for payment. Else, it will lead to Short Payment.
  • The challan being utilized can be from a previous quarter or the previous year.