Create a new file from an existing file (for new FY) in Saral TDS

In this post, we will see the process of how to create a new file from an existing file in Saral TDS.

To begin with, Creating a new file from an existing file will help you to minimize the time taken in creating the master details. Through this process, you can create a new file as well as copy master details from the existing file to the new file. The master details being copied are:

  • Deductor Master
  • Deductee Master
  • Employee Master
  • Bank Master

This process can be done on completion of 4th Quarter return filing or on start of new FY 1st Quarter data entry.

Firstly, go to Create New from Existing option under the File menu.

Secondly, In the window displayed, select the older FY file which was used for eTDS return filing.

Now, enter the new FY file name and FY for the file being created.

If the employee/deductee serial no. if out of sequence (in case of record delete), then enable Re-arrange  Employee No./ Re-arrange Deductee No., as applicable.

If you have Form 15G/15H details in the previous year file, then enable Copy 15G Basic Details /Copy 15H Basic Details to transfer these details to a new file. If the UIN sequence of Form 15G / 15H has to be restarted from 1 in the new file, then enable Re-number UIN from ‘1’ for the applicable form.

And if the file is of Government deductor and you have to copy the Master details of the DDO to a new file, enable Copy DDO Master-Details. Similar to Employee/Deductee master, if the serial no. of DDO has to be re-number, enable Re-number DDO No. option.

On providing/enabling the required details, click on Create to create a new file with all the master details copied from the older file.

You can go to Open Company option under the File menu and view the new file created. You can view the above-mentioned master details in the respective windows on opening the same.

Another option under this process is to create multiple files for the new FY, in one click. This is called Bulk File Creation from existing.

This process is given below;

Go to Create New from Existing option under the File menu. In the window displayed, click on Bulk Create option.

From this window, select the FY to display the entire files of the FY.

In the displayed list, select the files for which the new files have to be created. Also enable the applicable checkbox for master details copy (Re-arrange, Re-number, Copy 15G/15H) as explained earlier.

Now, enter the FY for the new file. The Name Sample of the files being created is as shown in the window.

Now, click on Create to create the files. You can view the created files under the Open Company option.


This completes the process of creating a new file from an existing file in Saral TDS