Form 15G/15H return filing in Saral TDS

Hello, in this post, we will see the process of Form 15G/Form 15H details entry in Saral TDS for quarterly return filing.

To know about Form 15G/ Form 15H, read below:

A guide to Form 15G/15H.

In Saral TDS the process begins with enabling the module under General Settings in Master Menu.

Check the option Enable Form 15G/15H and you are ready to go.

After enabling this option, we get a separate option of details entry called Form 15G/15H. Here select the required quarter and form.

First, we will see the details entry for Form 15G. On the display of the entry screen, select the Deductee name from the dropdown which will be auto-populated from the Deductee Master.

Next, select the PAN status of the deductee from the dropdown. Enter all the required information regarding the declaration as given by the deductee and save the details.


  • Form 15G is applicable only for Resident/Ordinarily Resident Indians
  • PAN is mandatory for Form 15G declaration.
  • Declaration for multiple incomes can be made in a single form
  • UIN is the identification number given to the deductee as an acknowledgment of submission

On save, the record will be highlighted in red indicating it as an incomplete details entry. The remaining details to be entered are the income details which are entered by clicking on Income Details.

Here, enter all the related details of the income like the Nature of the income, section etc. and save.

Once, the income details are entered the record will be highlighted as white.

If the record information is already entered in the deduction screen of the e-TDS return filing window, then such record can be imported to Form 15G entry window.

Click on From Deduction and the record will be imported from the respective quarter of Form 26Q.

On importing the details, enter the related information and income details and save.

Similarly, Form 15H can also be entered.

Next, we will go to generate Form 15G returns by selecting the return option under the related quarter.

Here, click on e-Return to generate the required file.

In case of any error, the error list will be displayed which has to be rectified and the process has to be re-done. In case of no error, the required output file in XML format will be generated.

The generated output has to be uploaded to the IT department login. The process of Form 15H return filing also goes the same.

This completes the Form 15G/15H details entry in Saral TDS.