How to file TDS return in Saral TDS software?

Hello. In this post, we will discuss how to file TDS return in Saral TDS software. You also need to note some things while filing eTDS returns.

Step by step procedure to file eTDS returns through Saral TDS

  1. Check for latest versionAlways make sure to be updated to latest version of the software. This will enable you to work on the updated features and changes done in the software.
  2. New File creationIf you are newly using the software, create a new file and enter the master details i.e. Deductor Master, Deductee Master and Employee Master. If you have already used the software for older years, create a new file from the older file using the option “Create new from existing”. Master details will be imported from the older file. Do the relevant changes (if required) and continue.
  3. PAN VerificationPAN of the Deductees and Employees have to be verified before filing the returns to avoid defaults.
  4. Challan DetailsEnter the challan details. After three working days of payment, verify the challan details against the OLTAS database.
  5. Deduction DetailsEnter the deduction details and link to the appropriate challans.
  6. Remarks for DeductionAny deduction which has TDS deducted is Higher/Lower rate has to be specified with relevant remarks
  7. Zero TDS DeductionLink all the deductions which zero TDS to of the paid challan.
  8. Certificate ValidationVerify all the Lower/Nil deduction certificate for its Periodicity, Applicable Sections, Threshold limit and Certificate Number.
  9. DQRGenerate the Data Quality Report (DQR) to identify any errors in the data. Rectify the error (if any).
  10. eTDS returnGenerate the TDS return that can be filed at the TIN-FC or online uploaded to the ITD website.
  11. AcknowledgmentEnter the acknowledgment (PRN and receipt) received after filing the returns.
  12. Return StatusAfter three working days of return filing, check the status of return through Quarterly Return filing status (QSS)
  13. Form 16/16AAfter the return is accepted at TRACES, request and download the Form 16/16A files. Using this file, generated the PDF form of Form 16/16A.
  14. Default CheckCheck for any defaults raised for the returns filed. If any default is identified, file the required correction return

Things to note

The below details have to be verified before generating the eTDS return to avoid any defaults

  • Deductor TAN
  • PAN of the deductees and employees
  • Lower/Nil deduction certificate details
  • Challan details

We have created a downloadable checklist which you can print and check off step-by-step. Download the checklist here.

This ends our post.