Creation of Employee Master in Saral TDS

In this post, we will see the steps for creation of Employee Master in Saral TDS.

Before creating the employee master, ensure that all the employees have given valid PAN information.

Note: If valid PAN is not available, then TDS will be deducted from Rupee 1 of salary at 20%.

To enter Employee Master Details, go to Employee Master under Master Menu.

On display of Employee Master Window, enter the employee details like Name, Gender and category, Father Name, Designation, and Residential Status.

Next, enter the PAN of the employee. Make sure to validate the PAN against the ITD database with through any one of the validation process.

Note: Option 1 validation requires TRACES login credentials. This will display the PAN holder name on successful validation. Option 2 will display only the validation success information i.e., PAN is valid or not.

Deductor can get also print the blank application form for PAN i.e., Form 49A & Form 49AA.

Next, enter the employment period for the employee in a particular FY. This will help the employer in case of auto tax computation to consider salary only for the specified no. of months.

Note: If an employee has joined in between the FY, then the DOJ of the employee will be the Employment From date. Similarly, in case an employee exits in between the FY, then the DOL of the employee will be the Employment To date.

In case the employee is the director of the company or has a substantial interest in the company (carrying not less than twenty percent of the voting power), then click Yes in the option provided.

Other details of the employee like contact details, Present and permanent address details can be saved in the window if required.

To attach any soft copy of the document related to the employee, click on the “…” button next to Notes/Document Attachment.

In the sub-window, the soft copy in can be attached. Also, if any remark on an employee can be saved.

This completes the process of creating Employee Master in Saral TDS.