Process to Merge Part A and Part B of Form 16 in Saral TDS

In this post, we will see on a step-by-step guide to merge Part A and Part B of Form 16 through Saral TDS.

As we all know, from FY 2018-19 onwards, both Part A and Part B of Form 16 is given by TRACES. Deductor will have to only convertor these files to PDF format using the PDF convertor given by TRACES and provide it to Deductee.

The process of downloading and converting the files to PDF Format is given in here.

As the PDF Formats are generated separately for Part A and Part B, this has to be merged and formed a single file.

The process of merging the files into a single file in Saral TDS is as shown below;

Go to Form 16 generation window and select the employees for whom FORM 16 has to be merged. After selecting the employees from the list, click on Start.

Note: If Form 16 to be generated should contain additional information breakup i.e., Section 2(f) and 10(k) breakup, then select the option With Addl. Info under Print Options. Else select on No Addl. Info.

Next, the Merging window will be displayed. Here, select the folder containing Part A and Part B PDF Formats to the respective fields.

In case of Additional info, the folder for the data is auto taken. The folder where the merged files will be stored is auto set. If required, the path can be changed. Now, click on Merge to start the merging process of Part A and Part B of Form 16.

On completing the merge process, the merged files will be displayed in a folder which can be sent to the employees.

In the case of missing Part A or Part B for any employee, a notepad file will be displayed giving the details of missing part against the particular PAN.

This Form 16 can also be emailed to the employees if mail settings are done in the software. In order to send the email of Form 16, select the employees & click on email TRACES PDF.

Note: The email ids of the employees have to be entered in their employee master.

If the Form 16 has to be digitally signed, then select the digital signature, while converting the files to PDF format in TRACES PDF utility.

This completes the process of Form 16 Part A and Part B merging in Saral TDS.