GST Assessee Master

Hello everyone,

In this post, let’s learn the details to be added under the Assessee Master of GST module in Saral Pro.

The entries made in the window are the details of GST dealer who needs to file their GST returns. The details to be entered are as explained in the below steps.

To learn about account creation and file creation in Saral Pro, please read below;

To work on the GST module, create a new file by enabling the GST module. The details for file creation can be entered manually or can be fetched for the GSTN

On file creation, the GST button against the file will be enabled. Click on the button, and you will be redirected to the GST module.

For the first time, when you land in the GST module, you will be displayed with the Assessee master window. Here, the basic details as provided during the file creation will have been auto-populated. 

The remaining details required for the return filing process have to be manually entered and saved. 


  • All the fields marked as “Required” are mandatory to be updated.
  • A few fields like Business type, Status, etc. have the drop-down option where the details have to be selected from the drop-down.

After entering the details, select the appropriate type of GST taxpayer

Note: Based on the GST Tax Payer type selected the GSTR form will be enabled. I.e. if Normal is selected the GSTR1, GSTR2, and GSTR3B will be displayed and if Composition is selected then CMP-08 with GSTR4 will be displayed.

Next, select the Upload Type from the options given.

The options are as below;

  • GST – To upload only GST returns
  • E-Invoice – To upload only E-Invoice
  • Both – To upload both GST returns and E-Invoice

Lastly, after all details entry, click on Save to save the details. Now, the GST Dashboard will be displayed and you can continue to work on the GST return filing.

This comes to the end of the post on the addition of details under the Assessee Master of GST module in Saral Pro.