Form 26Q Challan Details in Saral Pro

Form 26Q Challan Details in Saral Pro

Hello Everyone,

In this post, we will see the challan details in Saral.Pro and learn about : 

  • How to fill in the challan details in Form 26Q.
  • Linking of multiple deductions to one challan.
  • Verification and Download of challan details from the Income Tax Portal.

Let us begin with it.

First, In Form 26Q, select the Financial year and quarter for which we want to create the challan. 

Now, to add a new challan detail, click on the “+” icon as highlighted in the below image.

Fill in the required information in the relevant fields and save.


  • The challan can be individually verified during the creation or it can be verified in bulk at later stages.
  • Link the challan to the required deduction(s).

Next, let us get to know how to link multiple deductions to one challan

In the challan details page, click on the option highlighted in the below image “Pick deduction and create single challan”.

All the deductions which are not linked to any challan will be listed. Select the required deductions/all deductions from the list, enter the challan details and click on “Create Challan”.

This will create a challan by linking it to the selected deductions.

Next, Let us see how a challan can be verified or downloaded.

Select the challan from the list which has to be verified. Click on the “Verify with Income Tax” option as highlighted in the below image. which will navigate us to the Income Tax portal. 

Login using the Income tax deductor credentials which will verify the challan details.

To download the challan which is generated in ITD portal, click on “Download Generated challan from ITD” which will download the PDF copy of the Challan.

Click on  “ITD Challan list” which will download and create all the challans as in ITD portal.

Login using the Income tax deductor credentials and add the challan.

This ends the reading of Form 26 challan section in Saral.Pro.