form 26q summary

Form 26 Summary

Hello Everyone,

In this post, we will have a walk-through on the Summary page in Form 26Q of Saral.Pro

First let us understand, what Form 26Q is.

Form 26Q is used to file the TDS deducted details on payments other than salary. This is filed by the deductor on a quarterly basis.

Now, Let’s begin with it.

The Summary Page in Form 26Q will give an overview of the data records for the respective financial year, Quarter and Return filing (Regular/Correction).

In the Summary Page, we have subsections like Deduction details, Defaults, Statement Status and Acknowledgement Status

The deduction section, will give us an overview of the sum of deductions and challan created for the respective quarter.

Also, If we want to edit the deductor details for the quarter, Navigate to the option “Edit” where we can modify deductor details.

Next is Defaults section, Defaults are the mistakes in the original filing due to which correction has to be done.

If any defaults are available, the same will be visible here which can be downloaded from TRACES through the highlighted option in the below snap.

The next section is Statement Status, which displays the status of the filing whether the filing is successful or not. We can also download these details from the TRACES.

The Last section is Acknowledgement Details, where a 15-digit PRN number received after filing the e-TDS return is to be updated. Click on Edit and update the details.

Here ends the reading to the summary page of Form 26 in Saral.Pro.