Form 26 Deduction & Import in Saral Pro

Hello everyone,

In this post, we will learn about how to enter the deduction entries manually as well as to import the details from Excel in Saral Pro.

First, let us learn how to add the deduction details manually in Saral Pro.

On selecting the required Form, the Financial Year & Quarter, select the deduction tab and navigate to the “➕” icon. Add the required details and save the information.

Now enter the required information of the deduction done and save the details.

Note : 

  • If the challan is available, then the same we can link to the deduction.

To edit the deduction details, we can click on “🖊️ “ and do the necessary changes and save. To delete the individual deduction detail or the details in bulk, select the respective deduction and click the Delete icon or Bulk Delete

Next, Let us now see how to import the deduction details in bulk. For this, navigate to the tab Import. Here, data import can be in three ways via Excel import, Conso file import or text file import.

If you have the Conso File or Text file generated from TRACES or other software, then the same can be used to import the details to Saral Pro.

To import the deductee master details, then download the template and enter only the deductee details in the deduction sheet. Next import this through the Master import option.

To import the TDS deduction information, download the template, add the details and Import it back.

Note: Make sure the Excel data meets the requirements listed on the right of the screen for the successful import of data.

This ends the Deduction details entry and Import in Saral.Pro.