Form 26 Challan Mapping in Saral Pro

Hello Everyone,

In this post, we will be learning how to map the challan to the deductions.

Let’s begin with it !

For the given Form, Financial Year and Quarter, map the challan to the deduction list, by navigating to the tab “Challan Mapping”. 

The challans that are created in the previous steps and that are not fully utilized will be listed under the “Unmapped” section.

And, The deductions that are not linked to any challans will be listed under the “Unlinked deduction” section.

Now, select a challan from the Unmapped section and the related deductions to be linked to the challan from the “Unlinked Deduction” section.

On Selection, click on “Map” which will map/link the deduction to the challan.

To automate the linking process in application, select the challan and click on “Auto Adjust“. This will automate the link process to the extent that the amount is available in Challan.

If the challan is partially utilized, select the challan and click on Show Linked Deduction. This will list all the deductions which are linked to the challan, currently.

To uncheck a selected deduction before the link, click on “Selected Deduction“, filter the deduction from the list and click on Unlink.

This will remove the deduction from the selection.

To view the fully utilized challan, navigate to Mapped section where the list of linked deductions will be displayed.

If there is any mismatch in the mapped challan and deduction, we can unlink the required deduction by navigating to the “Mapped” section. Here, select the required deduction and click on the Unlink option.

Note : 

  • You can use the Unlink All option to unlink all the deductions which are mapped to the particular challan

To unlink the entire challan and deductions in the form, irrespective of the mapping, click on “Unlink All Challans and Deductions“.

This ends the reading to Challan Mapping under Form 26Q in Saral Pro.