Form 16 generation in Saral TDS software

Hello, in this tutorial we will learn the Form 16 generation, request, and download in Saral TDS.

What is Form 16?

Form 16 is the TDS certificate given by the Employer to the employee for the TDS deducted from the salary of the employee. This also acts as a proof of income and tax deduction during Income Tax Return filing of the employee.

The process of generating Form 16 in Saral TDS is as below:

First, a request for Form 16 has to be placed at TRACES. This is done by going to TRACES Account option under Tax Related menu.

In this window, select on Bulk Form 16 File under Request for with the Form, Quarter and PRN details. Provide the TRACES login credentials and click on Request.


PRN will be auto fetched if it is entered in Acknowledgment number window.

Next, enter the Captcha text and continue. You will be redirected to TRACES login and asked for the confirmation for Authorized Signatory. Confirm the details.


If there is a change of information, go to Profile option in TRACES and do the relevant changes.

On continue, the KYC details (Form, Challan & PAN-Amount details) required for placing the request will be auto fetched from the software. You have to verify the details and click on Proceed.

On successfully placing the request, you will be given with a Request id for your reference. After one working day of placing the request, the form 16 file can be downloaded from TRACES.

To download the file, go to TRACES account window in Saral TDS and select on Bulk Form 16 File under Request for with the Form, Quarter and PRN details. Provide the TRACES login credentials and click on Download.

You will be redirected to Requested Downloads screen in TRACES. Here the related file will be selected and downloaded. The downloaded file will be in ZIP format.


From FY 18-19 onwards both Part-A and Part-B of Form 16 will be provided by TRACES. In Requested Downloads screen you will be able to see two files of Form 16 namely Part-A and Part-B which has to be downloaded to generate Form 16.

The file downloaded will be in ZIP format and password protected. The password is your TAN.

Using this file, the required Form 16 has to be generated from Saral TDS.

To generate Form 16 in Saral TDS, go to Form 16 under Form 24Q menu.

In the window displayed, TRACES Data -><- Saral TDS option will be selected by default. The file name of the Form 16 generated will be as selected in PDF File Format.

Next, go to the three dotted button (“…”)  under the Auto launch of Convertor Utility and select the downloaded zip file (Both Part A & Part B one after another).

On click of Launch TRACES utility, the TRACES convertor utility will be launched and the zip file along with the required password and the path for saving the PDF will be auto-read. If the PDF has to be digitally signed, then browse the PFX file or select for the browser certificate store and click on Proceed to start PDF generation.


The conversion has to be done one-by-one i.e., first Part A conversion and then Part B conversion.

Make sure the JAVA version in the system is 7 with update version number 25. Higher or lower version of JAVA will not support PDF generation.

If the conversion utility is not available in Saral TDS, go to Downloads under Utility menu and select the required converter for download.

This will generate Part A & Part B of Form 16 separately and store in the defined path.