Excel import of 26Q and 24Q in Saral Pro

Hello All, 

In this post, we will learn how to Import the TDS details from Excel.

First, navigate to the Import option of 26Q /24Q, and click on the option “Template” to download the Excel template.

In Form 26Q, the downloaded Excel template will have three sheets: Deductor, Challan details and Deduction Details. Fill in each sheet respectively with the required details and save the template.


  • All rows in Excel shown with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory fields.
  • If any fields have drop-down values, select the value from the drop-down list.
  • The deductor sheet has to specifically say for FY & Quarter for the data that is to be imported.
  • Enter the Challan and deduction details as required.
  • While copy pasting the value, make sure to paste them as Paste Special under Values.
  • While entering a new record, under the Sl No section, make sure to give the running series from the existing record for a particular quarter.

Similarly, in Form 24Q, for the first 3 quarters, the Excel will have sheets only three sheets: Deductor, Challan details and Deduction details.

But for the 4th quarter, the Excel sheet will have additional details: Salary details, and SalMordetails.

In the salary details sheet, enter the employee’s annual salary information. This will include all the income, savings, investments and deductions the employee declares.

In SalMoreDetails, if the employee declares a home loan or Rent Payment of more than 1 Lakh per year, then the related parties’ PAN must be provided.

This ends the reading for TDS details Excel import to Form 26Q/24Q.