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Excel Import in Saral XBRL

Hi everyone. In this post, we will see how to import entry details from Excel to Saral XBRL for XBRL filing.

Before importing, export the excel template from Saral XBRL. To export the excel template, go to Export to Excel and select the required Schedules.

You can also select any specific schedule from the dropdown and along the related headings will be listed.

For exporting only the template with the required heading, select Structure Only. If any data is already available in Saral XBRL and the details have to be exported along with the template, select Structure & Data. Enter a File Name for name the template.

To set a default path where the excel template will be exported, click on Settings and trace the folder or path where the excel template has to be saved.

Now, click on Export and the excel template will be saved in the given path.

Enter the required details in the excel file and save the Excel. Now, we will see importing these details to Saral XBRL.

To import the details, go to Import and select From Excel.

In the import window, trace the excel file which contains the data and click on Verify.

On click of Verify, the listed headings will be enabled. Select the Schedules/ Notes/ Disclosures that are required to be imported form Excel. After selecting, click on Import.

On successful import, the details can be viewed in the respective windows. Additional content can be added or imported data can be edited, as required.

This completes the process of importing the data from Excel to Saral XBRL.