Generation of FVU file for e-TDS Return filing in Saral Pro

e-TDS Return Filing

Hello Everyone,

In this post we will be learning about how to generate the FVU file for e-TDS Return filing in Saral Pro.

Let us now begin with it. Before starting the e-return process in Saral Pro application. Please make sure the below two steps are taken care of : 

  1. All deductions are linked to the respective challans.
  2. All Errors in the Predict Defaults are cleared out.

Now, select the respective financial year and the quarter, for which we are focusing to do the e-return process.

Let us now go through each of the cards on the screen in detail : 

  1.  Provide the necessary information to Generate the FVU file 

  • If the deductor and the responsible persons address have changed since the last return enable the respective option
  • The CSI file can be downloaded from the TIN website or Income Tax website., If Income Tax website is selected for download, then provide the “Deductor Login” details as in Income Tax Department (ITD).

2. Predict Defaults 

To view and clear the defaults noticed, click on view all status which will take us to the Predict Default tab. 

Note: You can also visit the tutorial blog on Predict Default on the link : Predict Defaults in Form 26

3. Form 26Q

The Form 26Q card will give us the summarized information on Tax Deducted and no. of record entered, Challan amount paid and no. of challan records and No. of deductee records entered for the selected Form – Quarter.

4. FVU Validator 

The FVU Validator, displays the details on the current version of FVU to be used to generate the FVU file. 

In case, you wish to generate the FVU file in your system or if the time taken to generate the FVU is too long, then click on “Download Software?” to download a web extension software which will help you to generate your FVU file in a particular system.

Now we are ready to generate the FVU file i.e. eTDS return file online. Click on Generate FVU option and the validation of the data will begin.

If there are any errors during the validation, the same will be displayed and the errors will be listed under the Files Available card as View Error File. We can view/download the error file by clicking on the required option.

On identifying the error, rectify and regenerate the files. On successful validation of the data, the message for same will be displayed and the FVU file along with Form 27A and other files will be shown under Files Available.

Note: The files can be mailed to a mail id if the Mail-Setup is done during the initial configuration.

Here ends the reading to Form 26Q e-return file generation in Saral Pro.