Deduction Entry in Form 27Q of Saral Pro

Hello All,

This blog will teach how to do the deduction entry in Form 27Q of Saral Pro.

Let us first understand what Form 27Q is. Form 27Q Statement contains details of Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) on Non-Resident (NR) payments (other than salary). 

Let us now begin with it. 

On selecting the required Form, Financial Year & Quarter, select the deduction tab and navigate to the “➕” icon.

Now enter the required information of the deduction done and save the details.

  • The deduction entry is similar to the FORM 26Q deduction entry except for the section and rate of tax.
  • TDS made under this category attracts addiction 4% Higher Education Cess (HEC) on the tax amount.
  • A few additional details, which can be entered under More Details are :
    • TDS Rate is applicable as per the IT Act or DTAA.
    • The Nature of Remittance is to be selected from the dropdown.
    • Country of residence of the taxpayer to be selected.
    • Form 15CA acknowledgement no. to be given.

On providing all the details, save the entry.

To edit the deduction details, we can click “🖊️ “, make the necessary changes and save. To delete the individual deduction detail or the details in bulk, select the respective deduction and click the Delete icon or Bulk Delete.

Thus ends the reading to Form 27 Deduction Entry.