Deduction and Import Corrections in Saral Pro

Hello All,

In this post, we will learn about the correction process on Deduction as well as Importing corrected records from an excel file.

Before starting, be sure to read our previous post on setting actions through justification report and starting with the correction process in Saral Pro.

Let us now start with the Deduction details. Under the Make Correction tab, click on JR Action Set to update all the actions set under Justification report to the deductions.Now, navigate to the deduction section to view the Deduction details. 

To view all the deductions in the statement, click on All Deduction Details.


  • If any record is not selected for correction, select the respective deductions and click on Pick Deduction for Correction.
  • If all the deductions are to be moved for correction, then click on Mark All Records for Correction.
  • If you want to completely discard all the current process and restart, then click on Re-Upload Conso.

The deductions set for correction can be viewed under the Deduction For Correction section.


  • If any manual correction have to be done click on the 🖊️icon and do the required changes.
  • Click on the “+” icon to add new deduction details.
  • To delete any newly added deduction details for the list, select the record and click on the delete icon.
  • To remove any record from the list, select the record and click on Remove.

The actions set for each of the records along with the mode of correction will be displayed alongside each record. You have to do the correction update accordingly. If the mode is 

  • Add then the record is newly added.You may require to add details like challan or certificate in this record.
  • Update, then the record is required to be updated with some details.
  • Original, then the record to be changed according to the correction required. 

That completes with the correction process for Deduction details. Next, let us learn how to import the file for correction from Excel. 

First, navigate to the Import option of corrections, and click on the option “Template” to download the Excel template for data import. 

Please note the following points while entering the details in excel file: 

  • The downloaded template will have one sheet which contains the fields to enter the deduction details.

  • All columns with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory fields.
  • If any fields are given drop-down values, select the value from the drop-down list.
  • If the values are to be copy pasted, while pasting make sure to paste them as Paste Special and Values.
  • While entering a new record, under the Sl No section, give the running series continued from the existing record for the particular quarter.
  • The column Correction, to be updated with the mode of correction i.e. ADD or UPDATE.

On filling up the details, click on Import to upload the data.

The file can be uploaded by clicking on upload option or it can be dragged and dropped.

On successful import, the number of records added/updated will be shown on screen. If any error exists in the template, then the error records will be displayed separately.

The imported details can be viewed under the deduction section of Make Correction.

This ends the reading to correction process on Deduction as well as Importing corrected records from an excel file.