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Bulk ITR Filing through Saral Income Tax

In this post, we will see the process of Bulk ITR Filing through Saral Income Tax.

To begin with.

Bulk ITR Filing Process is where the user can file multiple ITR in ONE CLICK. This is made possible through ERI (e-Return Intermediaries) login which Income Tax Department provides.

ITD appoints ERI (e-Return Intermediaries) and authorizes to file Income Tax returns in electronic form on behalf of taxpayers. Saral Income Tax provides its user with this facility to upload and file their ITR in bulk.

Firstly, the Pre-requisites for filing ITR in Bulk are;

  • You need to generate and update the XML/error-free output of all assesses as Finalized
  • Save the ITD Password in the Assessee Master

After generating the required output, to begin with, go to Bulk e-Filing under ERI Services menu.

In the window displayed, all assessees will be listed for whom XML is generated and updated as Return finalized.

Now, Select all the Assessee for whom ITR has to filed and click on Upload.

So, this may take a few seconds to a few minutes depending upon the number of assessee ITR you need to file and the internet speed.

Finally, after uploading, the status of the upload can be viewed in Bulk e-Filing Status tab. On receiving the status as successful, the ITR-V all the assessee can be downloaded in one click by click on Download ITR-V in bulk.


ITR for companies or ITR which is required to be digitally signed cannot be uploaded through this process.