How to check E-way Bill status

A summary of how to check e way bill status

In this post, we’ll look at how to check the e-Way Bills that the user created for a particular day.

What is E-Way Bill? A small intro

An E-Way Bill, also known as an Electronic Way Bill, is a document necessary for moving items worth more than ₹50,000 within India (subject to state-specific requirements). It is a digital record created on a government portal to track the movement of products and prevent tax evasion.

To generate an e-way bill visit e-way bill portal@ you are not registered, you may need to register first @

On registration login to your account and start creating the E-Way bills.

If you are already a user of the E-Way bill portal, then login to and here you can view various details related to eWay bill generated by you.

To know about the status of the eWay bills generated by you go to the EWB report menu and view the different reports which will provide the status of the EWB.

My EWB Reports Figure:


This will show a list of e-Way Bills that the user generated on that specific day, which contains the following:

1. Outward Supplies– This will generate a list of e-Way Bills that the user has indicated as outward supplies for a specific date, as well as an additional column for mode of generation (web, excel).

2. Inward Supplies– This will produce a list of e-Way Bills for a particular date that the user has seen as inward supply.

3. CEWB Generated by Me– This will display a list of all consolidated e-Way Bills generated by the user for a specific date.

4. Cancelled EWBs– This will list the e-way bills cancelled by the user for a specific date.

5. Rejected EWBs by Me– This will display the e-Way Bills rejected by the user for a specific date.

6. Assigned for Transporters– This will display the e-Way Bills assigned by the user for Transporters for a specific date.

7. Part-A EWBs– This will display a list of all EWBs with Part-A updated but Part-B pending update for the specified date period.

8. Doc No. Info– This will display a report on EWBs generated depending on Doc Type and Doc Number.

9. EWB about to Expire– Taxpayers or transporters may view a list of e-Way Bills that are scheduled to expire in four days (from the current date (T) to (T)-1, (T)+1, (T)+2). They may keep track of the expiry dates for each consignment generated, and an Excel download is now accessible to store the data.

10. Month wise download EWB: This allows users to download E-waybills for a specific month, and the report will be available from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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