Import and Export of Deduction and Challan – with screenshots

In this post, we will be seeing the process of import and export of deduction and challan details to/from Saral TDS.

Importing the details

The details that can be imported from an Excel template (provided in the software) as are below;
• In Form 26Q – Deductor, Deductee Master, Deduction, Challan
• In Form 24Q – Deductor, Employee Master, Deduction, Challan, Salary Details, Chapter VIA details
• In Form 27 & 27EQ – Same as Form 26Q

Before importing the details to the software, ensure to download the template form the software and enter the details in the applicable column-sheet of the excel template.

To download the template, go to Entry Forms under Import/Export and click on the required Form

Here, we are selecting Form 26Q. On click, you will be asked for the type of excel template required.

Here, we have two types of the template;

• With master: Options provided to enter Deductor, Deductee Master, Deduction and Challan
• Without master: Options provided to enter Deductor, Deduction and Challan

Note: Enable Show Pan in ID Column to make PAN Number of the deductee as the unique Identifier instead of deductee serial number.

We will be taking up With Master template for the explanation. After selecting the required option, click on Open which will open the template and be saved as required.

As mentioned earlier, this template will have 4 sheets.

Enter all the mandatory fields which are highlighted in Grey colour. The different sheets are:
• Deductor – Details of Deductor. This sheet controls the data import to the different quarters i.e. the data will be imported according to the quarter selected in this sheet.

 DedMaster – Details of Deductee Master. On import, the master details will be created.

• Deduction – Details of Deduction for the particular quarter. Here, if Show Pan in ID Column is enabled, then enter PAN of the deductee as the Deductee Identifier.

• Challan – Details of Challan for the particular quarter.

Note: Few points to be watchful while entering details in excel template;
1. External data paste should always be done as Value. Direct paste (Ctrl +V) will lead to an error on import
2. The date has to be in dd/mm/yyyy format
3. PAN has to be in AAAAA1111A format
4. Linking challan to deduction is optional in excel. If required, the same can be done in Column L of Deduction sheet.
5. Part Payment link cannot be done in Excel.
6. The Serial No. in all sheets, expect deductor, has to be the running number for each quarter.

Once when all the details are entered, import it to Saral TDS. To import the details go to Excel Import under Import /Export and select Form 26Q.

On display of Import window, enable Import based on PAN, if PAN is selected as unique identifier. Next, click on Open – Existing Excel File with Data.

Note: Ensure to keep only the data excel file open to avoid data mismatch or data import failure.

Once the Excel file is opened, click on Find Errors in Open Excel File to identify any format error in data.

If there are any errors or warnings are present in the file, a window will pop up with all the details. Make sure to go through all the errors and warning and rectify them.

Double click on the list will navigate to the error in the excel file.

Note: It is very import to have Zero error before continuing to import the data.
On rectifying all the errors and warnings, a no error message will be displayed. Now, continue to import the details. Click on Import Data on the display window.

Before importing the data, you will be asked on which sheets of the excel needs to be imported. Select all or the required sheets and click on Import.

Note: If data is already present in the software and is required to be overwritten, then enable Overwrite option.
On successfully importing the details, the message will be displayed for the same.

The process runs the same in case of data being imported from Without Master template too. The difference being that Deductee Master cannot be imported in this case.

In case of Form 24Q, additional sheet for details is available which can be used for Quarter Four return filing.

The additional details are :

• Salary – Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Salary details entry as per the settings are done in the software
• Other Details – Details of other sources of income, Chapter VIA deduction are entered here
• Perquisites – Details of any perquisites given to the employees
• NSC – Details of NSC as declared by the employee
• SalMoreDetail – Details of Other information like PAN of the landlord, loan lender are entered in this sheet

The import process of Form 27Q & Form 27EQ is similar to that of Form 26Q.

Exporting the details:

To export the software available details to Excel file, go to Excel Export under Import/Export and select on the required form.

Similar to templates download, select the required type of excel i.e. With Master or Without master. Also, select the quarter from which the details are to be exported.

Note: Enable Show Pan in ID Column to show PAN Number of the deductee as the unique Identifier instead of deductee serial number.

Click on Export to export all the relevant details to an excel file and save the same in the required path.

In case of details to be exported from Form 24Q, select the required quarter and details of salary to be exported and click on Export.

This completes the process of Importing and Exporting the details in Saral TDS.