JSON File creation and upload using Saral GST – Step 4

Welcome to the 4th and final part of this blog series on Filing of GSTR 2 using Saral GST. In today’s post, we will be discussing JSON File creation and upload using Saral GST. Previously, we discussed entry/Import of TransactionDownload GSTR2A and JSON File creation and upload.

You can either go ahead and read the post or watch the videos in which we have shown how to do the processes.

 After the reconciliation of details, the data is now ready for GSTN upload. This process can be done in two ways;

  • Offline upload (through GST portal)
  • Online upload (through GSP)

Offline upload (through GST Portal): Offline upload of details to GSTN is as below;

  • Create Json file
  • Validate the Json file created
  • Upload the Json file to GSTN

To create the Json File, goto GSRT 2-> Upload

Here, select the type of Upload. The different types are

  • Monthly one time-> If uploading the complete data once in a month

Between Dates -> If uploading the data between the month, for selected category and invoices.

Click on Create Json Button to create the file.

On creation of the file, Click on Validate. This will lead to a validation screen where the data in the file created is validated against the schema. If any error is found the same will be shown which has to be rectified and again validated till no error is found.

After validation, now, the file is ready to be uploaded to GSTN. Click on Upload to upload it to GSTN.

You will be redirected to the GST portal login. The Json file created will be uploaded in the GST Portal. On upload, if the Error Report shows as NA, then Json file is uploaded successfully.

Note: The upload option for GSRT2 json file will be enabled only after the 10th of the subsequent month of the filing period.

Online upload (through GSP): Online upload of details to GSTN is as below;

  • Upload the Json file to GSTN

Through GSP, the creation, validation, and upload of json file is automated no one click. Goto GSRT2 -> Upload.

Here, select the type of upload (i.e Monthly one time or Between Dates) and click on Upload.

When Upload button is clicked, Json file will be auto-created in the backend and automatically uploaded to GSTN.

On successful creation of json file and upload of the file to GSTN, a message will be shown.