How to enter the challan details in Saral TDS

In this post, we will learn how to enter the challan details and link it to deductions in Saral TDS with steps.

Before you enter the challan details, ensure all the deductions are entered.

Go to the required form (i.e., Form 24Q / 26Q / 27Q) and select the quarter for which the details are to be entered. Under the particular quarter, select Challan Details.

The below screen will be displayed.

There are 2 modes in which challan details can be entered in Saral TDS and linked to the respective deduction.

Mode 1: From Deduction – In this mode, the amount of tax payable will be auto fetched from the deduction entries selected and load the tax values and related details to challan screen.

The process of this Mode 1 is explained below:

Step 1: Firstly, In the Challan details screen, click on From Ded.

Step 2: All the deduction entered in the Deduction details screen and are not linked to any challan will be listed. Select all the deductions to be paid and Click on Create.


All payments, irrespective of its section and code, for the particular month can be paid in a single challan.

If the deduction listed are for multiple months, use date filter option on the top right on the screen to list only the deduction for the relevant month.

Step 3: Once, the amount is fetched, select the type of payment and save the challan details.


In the type of payment, 200 payment type is for regular payment and 400 type payment is for payment on assessment from the department.

Step 4: On saving the details, do the tax payment. Payment can be done on the counter by printing the challan. To print the challan, go to Report, select the challan serial number, preview, and print.


If payment can be done through online mode i.e, Net-banking or Debit Card. For this mode, you need to select on the ePayment link given in the bottom right of the screen. It will navigate you to the online payment page of TIN-NSDL. All the basic details will be pre-filled, you have to select the mode of payment with the bank and continue for payment.

For more information read – Procedure for TDS e-payment.

Step 5: After payment, enter the counterfoil details i.e, CIN details in their fields (Challan Number, Challan Date & BSR Code). Save the details.

On saving the details, all the deductions selected in Step 2 will be auto-linked to the challan. This can be viewed by going to the respective deductions in the deduction details screen.

Mode 2: Link Deduction – In this mode, the tax amount will be paid first then the details will be entered in the software.

The process of this Mode 2 is explained below;

Step 1: Enter the challan details and save. After saving the details, click on Link Ded.

Step 2: All the deduction entered in the Deduction details screen and are not linked to any challan will be listed. Select the relevant deductions and click on Link.

Note: The challan amount has been always greater than or equal to link amount. Else, you will receive short payment default notice.

This will link the selected deduction to the respective challan.

Points to note:

  • If any excess amount is available in any of the challans, it can be used for upcoming month payments, maximum till next financial year end
  • After 5 working days, the challan can be verified against the OLTAS Data using verify option.
  • Multiple challans can be used for paying the tax of one deduction using the Part Payment option
  • For all online process, internet connectivity is mandatory