GSTR 9C details entry in Saral GST

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In this post, we will see the process on GSTR 9C details entry in Saral GST.

GSTR 9C is an audit report. It can also be called as a statement of reconciliation for annual returns under GST done in GSTR9. This is applicable for a registered dealer whose FY turnover exceeds Rupees Two Crore. The auditing and reporting are done by a chartered accountant or a cost accountant.

In Saral GST, GSTR 9C can be entered as explained below;

After audit completion and GSTR9 details entry, go to GSTR 9C on the home screen of Saral GST.

On click on GSTR 9C, entry screen will be displayed. This is the Part A of GSTR 9C where details of reconciliation done by the auditor and related details are entered.

Here, details are entered in two ways i.e. manually entering the details as per audit statement and getting the details from relevant fields (GSTR1, GSTR2 & GSTR9 as applicable)

To get the details from relevant fields, click on Get Data in the particular screen and the details will be fetched from the applicable fields.

Note: The details can be fetched only if relevant information is available in the related fields.

To know on the details that will be fetched, click on Get Data Info. This will be displayed on what data is being fetched from which GSTR and to which field.

Note: Get Data has to be done in each screen where the details have to be fetched.

Likewise, details have to be entered/ fetched in each section of GSTR 9C (as applicable) that is provided on the left side of the screen.

To provide the Auditor note on the un-reconciled amount, click on the relevant section and provide the reason for such un-reconciliation.

Details of any unpaid tax amount (as identified in audit) have to be entered in [11] Additional amount payable but not paid.

Details of tax payable due to the difference in ITC (as identified in audit) have to be entered in [16] Tax payable on the un-reconciled difference in ITC.

Next, provide the Additional liability details and Auditor details in [17] Auditor’s recommendation on additional liability. To add the Auditor detail click on “:” button next to Auditor’s Details field.

In the Auditor’s details screen, enter the Auditor information and Save.

Now, enter the Date of Audit and Save the details.

After Part-A entry, enter Part-B details by clicking on Part-B button in the same screen.

While entering Part-B details, you will be asked if the auditor making the reconciliation statement and the auditor conducting the audit are the same. If Yes, then the screen displayed will be as below where the relevant information has to be entered and saved.

Accordingly, the second part of audit information has also to be entered and saved along with Auditor information.

If different Auditors are involved in the process, then select No and the screen displayed will be as below. Enter the relevant information and save.

Similarly, the second part of audit information has also to be entered and saved along with Auditor information.

Note: In all the above-stated process, Auditor details will be fetched for Auditor master by clicking on “:” button.

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This completes the process of data entry into GSTR 9C in Saral GST.