E-way Bill in Saral GST.

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In this post, we will see how to work on generating the E-way bill in Saral GST.

Electronic Way Bill, commonly known as E-Way bill. It is a document, which is electronically generated for transportation of specific goods from one location to another. This document is mandatory in case of both inter-state and intrastate transportation where the value of the goods is more than Rs. 50,000.

Generally, the entity selling the goods will require to generate the E-way bill. If the seller is not entitled to the process, then the recipient of the goods can generate the bill.

Let us start with the steps of generating E-way Bill in Saral GST

Here, in order to generate E-way Bill in Saral GST, firstly enable the E-way bill module. To enable the module, go to Options Settings under Master menu.

In the displayed option screen, tick E-Way checkbox and Save. This will enable the E-way bill module.

In order to generate E-way Bill, go to E-Way under Others menu.

The E-way Bill upload screen will be displayed. Here, the details of the goods being transported have to be entered. To enter the details, go to the E-way Bill category and click on Add.

So, the screen will display the E-Way Bill Entry Form.

Here, enter the details. First being the Transaction details :

Select the relevant details from the dropdown and enter the required details.

  • Supply Type – Type of Transaction
  •  Sub Type – Sub-Type of Transaction
  •  Doc Type – Type of Document for Transaction
  • Document Date – Date of Transaction
  • Doc No. – Transaction Document Number
  • Transaction – Mode of Transaction

Next, provide the Seller details under Bill From :

The information will be auto picked from the Assessee Master screen.


Entry of Pin code in master details is mandatory for both the parties in case of E-way bill. In case of non-availability of details, the same has to be entered first in respective screens and then proceed for E-way bill generation.

After giving the seller information, you need to enter the recipient information under Bill To :

  •  Select the name of the recipient from the dropdown list and the remaining details will be auto taken as entered in Party Master for the entity.
  • If the recipient has multiple addresses i.e., address other than that mentioned in the party master, enter the same in Manage Multi-Addresses hyperlink

  • After entering the address details, click on “…” button next to Address In the displayed dropdown, then select the required address and continue.

Now, enter the Transporter details that will be transporting the goods.

Then, enter the details of the goods that are being transported.

On clicking Save, the details are made available to be uploaded to E-way bill common portal.

In order to upload the details to the portal, first save the portal login credentials at the E-Way Login hyperlink given in the screen.

Next, select the records which you want to upload it to the E-way Bill portal and click on Create Json.

On the successful generation of Json file, click on Upload to upload the details to E-way Bill portal.

The user will be redirected to the portal where the Json file will be auto uploaded. On click of the Submit button in the portal, the details will be submitted and the E-Way Bill Number (EBN) will be generated.

After the EBN generation, enter the details in Saral GST. In the E-way bill module screen, click on EWB hyperlink. Here, enter the details against the particular document.

Please note

The validity of the EWB will start from the date mentioned in the details. In case, the goods are unable to move at the required duration then the EWB has to be updated for extending the validity.

To update the details, select the required record and click on Update Part-B.

Here, update the details such as State of recipient and reason of delay and save the details.

Then, click on Create Json to create a Json file for the update and click on Upload to upload the changes to E-Way Bill Common portal.

On submitting the details in the portal, the changes will be made effective for the required EWB.

In the case of Transporter where multiple vendor consignment will be transported in a single vehicle, the transporter has to generate a consolidated EWB.

To enter such details, select Consolidated EWB and click on Add. Here, enter the vehicle details and other required information. Also required are the EWB numbers of all the consignments.

Next, select the records to be uploaded to the E-way Bill portal and click on Create Json. On the successful generation of Json file, click on Upload to upload the details to E-way Bill portal.

This completes the process of uploading the details for E-way Bill generation through Saral GST.