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What is HSN Code?

Harmonized system of nomenclature code (HSN) is a 8 digit code that is defined for various products and it contains 21 sections and is divided into 99 chapters. This code is used by the exporters, importers and manufacturers. HSN code is developed by (WCO) WORLD CUSTOM ORGANIZATIONS.

Importance of HSN Code

HSN code provides the legal global acceptance and standardization of the goods that systematically classified the goods and helps to bring in uniformity classification during the export and import.

Structure of HSN Code

Basically, the HSC code is for traders and dealers. They have to obtain 2, 4 and 8 digits of the HSN code, but it depends on the size of the business. Such as   
Total Turnover HSN Code digits 
Up to 1.5 Crore0 (no need to obtain)
1.5 to 5 Crores2 digits
Above 5 crores4 digits
For international trade or export and import dealing8 digits

For example – 

  HSN code : 57 09 41 21    First two digits – Indicates the HSN chapter Second two digits – Indicates the HSN Heading under chapter  Third two digits – Indicates the HSN Subheading and shows the products is accepted worldwide And the Forth two digits – Indicates the tariff heading for export and import supply of the product  HSN modules are defined the product into 4 parts – 
  1. 22 sections
  2. 99 chapters
  3. 1244 headings
  4. 5244 subheading

Where can I find the HSN code and SAC code with the GST rate?

To find the HSN code or SAC code with GST rate, follow the following steps –

  1. Visit the Saral pro website – Saral Pro
  2. Now, enter the chapter name or HSN/SAC code
  3. Then, click on good/service, what you want to about 
  4. Now, you click on “search”.
  5. Now, you will get a detailed description of the product, including the GST rate on display. 

Why is HSN important under GST?

According to WCO, the HSN code is important for taxpayers. It helps taxpayers to know the GST rate of a specific product. Also, the HSN code is necessary to mention in the GST Return form during the GST Return filing.

What is SAC?

Service Accounting Code is a 6-digit code that contains each two numbers for heading, sub-heading and chapters which is defined for each service to identify and measure the applicable GST tax rate on a particular service. As per the HSN, it is an organized and universally acknowledged practice for codifying and collecting goods all over the world.

Difference between HSN and SAC

HSN Code (Harmonised System of Nomenclature Code)

SAC (Service Accounting Code)

It is used for classified the goods under GST

It is used for classifying the services under GST

HSC is issued by the World Customs Organisation 

SCA is issued by the Central Board of Excise and Custom

It is used for the classification of commodities in various sections, headings, sub-headings and chapters, which belong to nature.

SCA is used for the classification of services as each service is assigned uniquely. 

Note – Both makes the GST return filing simpler and systematic.

Frequently asked questions

If your business turnover is below 1.5 crores, then no need to mention the HSN code in the invoice, but if your turnover is more than that, then it is mandatory to mention the HSN code in your invoice.
No, it will not be valid without HSN code.
As an exporter, if you mention the wrong HSN code, then it can create issues during customs inspections. Such as having to pay heavy charges of customs duty, compliance penalties or import rejection and others. Also, buyers will not be able to claim their input tax credit.