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Saral Pro-TDS Predict Defaults
Saral Pro-TDS Dashboard
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Informative Dashboard

The main features of TRACES are built-in and displayed on the dashboard

Challan Mapping

Information about available challan amount when linking to a deduction

Bulk Verification

Bulk verify all the challans and PANs of deductees and employees in one-click

Certificate Verification

Certificates u/s 197 like Lower Deduction, Nil Deduction can be verified

Default Prediction

Prediction of any defaults that may arise so they can be rectified before eTDS return filing

Correction Automation

Defaults raised can be analyzed through JR and correction is automated

Online TDS return filing software

Excel Import

Import the deduction and challan details from Excel in less than a minute

TRACES Integration

Request & download of Conso File/JR File /TDS Certificates

Data Import

Easily enter data or Import data from excel, text, conso file for file creation

Online Filing

eTDS return can be directly uploaded to the ITD website right from the software

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