Simple and easy-to-use GST return filing software


Complete GST filing

Monthly, Quarterly and Annual returns, both normal and composition covered in here.

Import / Export

You can import data from any source such as excel, department tool, tally or JSON file.

Automatic GSTR uploads

Validate JSON with in-built tool and upload on a monthly basis or for a particular period or automate the uploads.

ITC-04 Job work

Challan import, validation in software and upload of GST ITC-04 to GST portal quickly and efficiently.

Completely synced with GSTN portal

Saral is always synced to the GSTN portal so you can always keep an eye on the portal data without having to login.

E-invoicing and E-way Bill integrated

As you enter or import your GSTR data, you can also sync it with respective E-way Bill or E-invoice.

GSTR Comparison

Fetch data from GSTR-2 to compare with 2A and 2B in the software & automate the process of accepting/Reject/modifying of invoices.

MIS Reports

Fetch GSTR 1,3,4 & 9 from GSTN in addition to other MIS reports provided in the software for understanding data

User Management

Manage multiple users by giving them access to certain options so your data can be safe.

Branch Creation

Create and assign parties to different branch and have the option to view them at the top level.

Unlimited Clients

Manage GST filing and other features for unlimited clients with no limit on speed or safety.

Data Sync

Auto fills assessee details, updates cash & credit ledger and downloads ARN details after return.

Experience the ease and power of Saral